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New Pokémon TCG The set arrived in Japan. dark fantasy was released on May 13, 2022 and continues to focus on the Hisui region which debuted earlier this year in the Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Like the previous three sets (Battle Region, Time Gazer, and space juggler), dark fantasy presents for the very first time maps with some hisuian species. This Zoroark-themed set also continues the VSTAR mechanic introduced this year and sees more Pokémon Radiant cards (formerly known as “Sparkling” cards) that depict species in their Shiny form with a unique reverse holo pattern. This set, as well as upcoming Japanese sets Lost Abyss and incandescent mysteries, will probably be the basis of the next series in English, Sword and Shield – Lost Origin, coming in Summer 2022. Today, let’s take a look at the latest Full Art and Super Rare character we have to show off in this set.

Dark Phantasma cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

It’s Gallade! Although not as popular as Gardevoir, this ultimate alternate evolution of the Ralts line becomes quite characteristic in Dark fantasy. Not only does he get a Full Are Pokémon-V, pictured above left, but he also gets one of two Super Rare character slots, pictured right.

In this CSR dynamic by artist Souichiro Gunjima which fuses a painterly touch with the classic Pokemon home style, Gallade is pictured with his trainer, Beni. Beni was introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus as a member of Team Galaxy who works as Kamado’s right-hand man and runs the canteen in Jubilife Village. He is known in-game for his use of both Gardevoir and Gallade.

Japanese sets often give us a first taste of what English sets might include, so be sure to keep an eye out for our coverage. You can stay tuned for previews of dark fantasy maps as well as updates on everything Pokémon TCG right here at Bleeding Cool.

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