Forget Sonic, Here Are 5 Video Game Movies That Were Terrible (Game Over)

While Sega, the video game company that invented Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991, is no longer the household name it was a few decades ago, it’s sure to come alive in many people’s minds in recent times. weeks.

That’s because the new Paramount Pictures (PGRE) – Get the report from Paramount Group, Inc. The ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ movie has been in theaters for exactly five days, and it’s managed to rake in over $142 million worldwide in that very short amount of time, proving that video game nostalgia is still big money. .

That doesn’t seem like a lot compared to this year’s biggest artists so far. ‘The Batman’ has grossed over $358 million at Warner Bros. (WBD) after its March 4 release, for example.

But in the world of video game movies, Sonic’s earnings are significant. Historically, video game movies have been known to be notorious box office underperformers despite their highly successful source material.

They are also known to be generally terrible. But the crazy thing is that the third highest earner of 2022 so far is also based on a video game. The adaptation of “Uncharted,” a hit Sony PlayStation franchise based on the adventures of a treasure hunter, also grossed $142 million.

It’s good to see that people adapting these games to film are finding a better way. But naturally, that brings one to ponder all of Horrorshow’s efforts that have come before it.

The 5 Worst Video Game Movies

Rampage (2018)

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Rampage is absolutely not about King Kong. The film is based on a video game where a giant gorilla who is also very intelligent has human characteristics and creates all kinds of chaos. Remember, totally not King Kong for legal purposes. In the 2018 film adaptation, the gorilla, George, teams up with The Rock (whose character may have a name) to defeat two other rogue super monsters attacking Chicago (see it’s not Tokyo, so totally not King Kong).

Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Super Mario Bros. arguably created the modern video game when the Donkey Kong spin-off launched on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was easy to see why Hollywood wanted to adapt “Super Mario Bros.” – it was a megahit that became the cornerstone of Nintendo’s video game empire – but the 1983, let’s call it “comedy adventure”, never found a reason to exist other than bringing famous characters on screen. The plot was confusing, the cast curious, and while some of the effects were well done, Hollywood might not have been ready to bring such a visual game to the big screen just yet.

Double Dragon (1993)

’80s kids remember “Double Dragon” as a cool two-player arcade game where you and a friend could team up to beat the bad guys. It was converted into a moderately successful Nintendo game in 1988. However, none of the good things about it seemed to show up in the painfully clunky 1993 film adaptation that includes dialogue so bad you might lose your ability to breathe. Rotten Tomatoes rates it at 13%, which is probably higher than it deserves.

Alone in the Dark (2005)

Video game fans love to sit down to discuss which video game movies were the worst (and this list is just a slice of everything they have to choose from). But the 2004 adaptation of the 1992 horror game “Alone in the Dark” is so terribly bad that it’s hard to see how anyone could screw up a simple haunted mansion story so badly. It also holds the historic honor of the lowest possible Rotten Tomatoes score: 1%.

House of the Dead (2003)

An arcade classic that challenges you to mow down zombies to survive, “House of the Dead” is certainly not appreciated for its beautiful storytelling. But it’s great fun to pick up your silly big guns and play with a friend, and the movie should have had its tongue in cheek when it did. Instead, it was given to Uwe Boll, who made, well, the movie you see in front of you, which should work like an overdone B-movie but it doesn’t work at all.