Five New Steam Games You Probably Missed (August 23, 2021)

Every day, around a dozen new games are released on Steam. And while we think it’s a good thing, it can be understandably difficult to keep up. Potentially exciting gems will certainly be lost in the deluge of new things to play, unless you sort through all the games released on Steam. So that’s exactly what we did. If nothing appeals to you this week, we’ve rounded up the best PC games you can play right now and a list of the 2021 games that will launch this year.

Chaos Brawler

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Release: ‌ August 19
Developer: ‌ Hero Concept
Launch Price: ‌ $ 20 ‌ | ‌ ‌ £ 15.49 | ‌ ‌‌ $ 28.95

Sometimes you just want to hit a bunch of muscular thugs on a 2D plane. Mayhem Brawler is the latest indie to fulfill this desire and it definitely captures the arcade beat ’em up spirit, with its brilliant comic book styles and distinct 1990’s action vibe. local three-player co-op and, interestingly, there are “three unique endings”, which implies that there is some sort of story here, but you’ll probably spend most of the time decimating all 30 enemy types along your way to 12 boss encounters.

Lilith odyssey

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Release: ‌ ‌ August 21
Developer: ‌ Chaystar Unlimited LLC
Introductory Price: ‌ ‌ $ 15.39 ‌ | ‌ ‌ £ 11.92 ‌ | ‌ ‌AU $ 22.29

This early access simulation has a fascinating premise: you control an alien family as they navigate a huge galaxy in search of a safe planet to live in. Considering the size of the galaxy, you will need to land on planets that you would probably otherwise avoid in order to secure fuel and resources – expect resistance as well. Studio Chaystar describes Lilith Odyssey as having “occasional flight simulation mechanics,” so don’t expect a huge learning curve as the game feels more about exploration and survival. The early access period is expected to last around a year as the studio improves and develops the game.

RIMS Racing

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Release: ‌ August 19
Developer: ‌ Raceward Studio
Introductory Price: ‌ ‌ $ 45 | ‌ ‌ £ 36 ‌ | ‌ AU $ 62.95

If Moto GP games aren’t serious enough motorcycle sims for you, RIMS Racing is another ambitious attempt to bring realistic two-wheeler racing to PC. I can’t guarantee it runs against the Milestone series, but RIMS adds a whole new aspect to the simulation, which is a granular engineered component that lets you have super fat hands with performance optimization. There’s also what you’d expect: a career mode and a good mix of familiar circuits (SIlverstone, Nürburgring) as well as road routes in places like Australia and Spain.

Wrestling sports

Steam‌ page
Release: ‌ ‌ August 21
Developer: ‌ Team Fractal Alligator
Introductory Price: ‌ ‌ $ 11.69 | ‌ ‌ £ 9 | ‌ ‌ AU $ 13.50

Here is a collection of happy competitive sports games from the creator of Hacknet. It definitely takes a different pose from Hacknet’s austere terminal-based gameplay: both online and locally, you’ll be participating in sports like wrestling, fencing, and “smashball” (surely a future Olympic sport). Up to eight players can get involved, and the catering netcode should ensure extremely smooth online competition. If you’re a fan of things like Sportsfriends, this seems pretty essential.

Conquest of the Elysee Palace 5

Steam‌ page
Release: ‌ August 17
Developer: ‌ Illwinter Game Design
$ 25.49 | ‌ £ 20.22 | ‌ ‌AU $ 36.50

Six years after the last Conquest of Elysium, arrives this new opus of roguelike turn-based strategy. These games have a dedicated audience, but for the uninitiated (myself) it can be difficult to see what sets the installments apart. The gist here seems “more and better,” which can only be good news for a game that packs so many different playstyles into one, with each playable race demanding its own approach. If you are looking for a substantial anecdote generator with virtually unlimited replayability, we suggest you check this out.

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