Five fitness video games that will make you sweat

With the new year comes new resolutions – the most common being fitness goals. At the start of each year, millions of people join a gym with the hope of leading an active life. The majority of them give up over time due to laziness and boredom, although this time they have a new excuse – Omicron’s push.

Planning home workouts is an easy task. But the real challenge is getting yourself out of the comfort of your couch. A good solution would be to incorporate fun into your workouts, which is achievable through fitness video games. They’re fun, encourage you via points, and help improve your overall cardio. Here are some of the best you could play.

Just Dance (PlayStation and Xbox systems, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android and iOS)

This movement-based rhythm game helps you exercise those muscles as you dance through a collection of classical and modern music. During each song, players are tasked with matching a set of moves displayed on their television screens and are rewarded for their accuracy.

Just dance. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

The 2022 version also offers a “Gym Sweat” mode, allowing you to create your routine, a personalized playlist and track calories burned. The game is available on all major platforms including mobile devices through the Just Dance Now app. Players can sync it with a screen or the official website and use the device’s motion controls to dance.

Fitness Boxing (Nintendo Switch)

For fighting arts fans, Fitness Boxing is a great way to look forward to those undercard fights. The game is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and assigns a virtual trainer as you work your way to your goals. It uses Joy-Cons for motion sensing and has workouts where you have to punch and dodge based on the music.

Fitness boxing, fitness games, Fitness boxing. (Image credit: Nintendo)

The game software estimates the approximate BMI (body mass index) and prescribes a workout routine. One can set different difficulty levels, customize the look of his trainer and unlock more songs which provide a challenging experience.

Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch)

Ring Fit Adventure combines the joys of a Open world RPG with intense pilates sessions. The Switch game comes with two physical components – a flexible Ring-Con and a leg strap, using which it tracks movement and pressure. Players take control of a custom character and embark on an exciting adventure as they explore worlds, level up using earned XP, and battle enemies.

Ring shaped adventure. (Image credit: Nintendo)

Each movement is based on exercises, for which you must hold certain poses or crouch, as indicated on the screen, or press and release the ring to fire projectiles. Routines are fully customizable and there are a range of competitive mini-games to try out when you get a friend over.

Zombies, flee! (Android, iOS)

Zombies, flee! is the closest thing to an actual encounter with the undead, providing just the right amount of motivation for those looking to do some cardio. The immersive mobile game asks players to run around town and collect supplies via audio logs. If you’re being chased by zombies, the app warns you, prompting you to speed up.

Zombies, flee! (Image credit: Six to start)

It records the distance traveled, time and calories burned during each mission using the phone’s GPS. There’s also a story element, which is discovered as you run, as well as custom training missions and the ability to sync and share progress with other players online.

Zumba, burn it! (Nintendo Switch)

Zumba, burn it! (Image credit: Nintendo)

This Latin-inspired fitness game combines intense workouts with upbeat music. Like other Switch fitness titles, it relies on Joy-cons to keep up with the motions and lets you choose from 30 intensity classes, depending on your preference. On screen, you’re greeted by real life instructors who motivate and guide you through your dream physique. It can be played with up to four players at once, and the online aspect lets you share personal goals and achievements with friends.