Finally, Skyrim has realistic mat physics, complete with stumbles!

Just this morning, stumbling out of bed to make coffee, I tripped over the curled corner of my bedroom carpet. I thought, “I really wish I could do that in a video game.” Thanks to johnskyrim JS Crumpled Rugs mod, spotted by our colleagues from GamesRadarI can finally get the mat experience I crave in Bethesda’s 2011 flagship RPG.

The mod replaces “nearly 300 mat references” in Skyrim with custom meshes. These new custom mats have a chance to enter a “neglected state” over time in the game, and can be changed by interacting with them. Want to leave a carpet in an unreasonable state? Ok bucko, now you and all NPCs have a 3%-7% chance of slipping and falling on them depending on whether you are walking, running or sprinting.

It rocks. It’s a fantastic example of the occasional “could more than should” philosophy of modding, and I have nothing but respect for anyone who would put a ton of work into making that kind of small change to a video game.

However, Johnskyrim has stiff competition when it comes to PC Gamer’s “Absurdly Specific Mod with Lots of Work Behind It of the Week” award. The Classic Mesa Black The plan to undo the Half-Life remake in the original engine is a Herculean effort to do something (almost?) nobody asked for extremely well.