Erin Wayne Joins Riot Games as First-ever Global Head of Gaming Community

Los Angeles – August 25, 2021 – Riot Games, the developer and publisher of titles including League of Legends and VALUING, today announced that Erin Wayne has joined the company as Global Head of Gaming Community. Erin will shape, develop and lead Riot’s interactions with players, including direct community, social, editorial, and influencing relationships. This new role is an important part of Riot’s efforts to evolve the art of engagement in bold new directions.

“Now that Riot goes from one game to a full suite of titles, community engagement is going to be both more critical and more complex than ever,” said Jason Bunge, Riot Marketing Director. “We needed someone who understood and thrived in this kind of environment, and Erin was a natural fit. She’s been an influencer herself for years and she leads the field in her efforts to bridge the gap between the community and the developers. Gamers gain an incredible ally here in a company that already puts them first. “

“Fostering communities around common interests is something I’m very passionate about, so the opportunity to join Riot to support their large, dedicated player base is really exciting,” said Erin. “I have long admired Riot’s innovative growth not only in games, but also in music and entertainment as they redefine what it means to create and nurture a sense of community with gamers in almost every facet of media that it means. ‘they consume. I am honored to join such a diverse and creative team and look forward to helping deepen the relationship between Riot and players around the world.

Erin has spent the past seven years at Twitch, where she created and led their community outreach team, focused on engaging, exciting and educating Twitch users. She also oversaw creator marketing, influencer marketing, and internal business partners for Twitch and its parent company Amazon.

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