Echoes Of Mana shares first look at the game’s soundtrack

Square Enix shared a brief preview of the soundtrack for their upcoming mobile title, Mana Echoes. This about a minute long video contains a soothing and tranquil melody that certainly matches the mood of the mana the series is known for. Hopefully the rest of the title is integrated with this same level of sound quality.

You can see the tweet sharing this soundtrack preview for the next one Mana Echoes below:

The concept of this free game is to relive scenes from several mana securities. This title includes cutscenes from the remakes Mana Adventures, Secret of Mana, and Mana trials, as well as the PS2 game Dawn of Mana. By experiencing these memories, players are tasked with finding a long-lost Legendary Sword and putting the world back in order. Additionally, the development team is Wright Flier Studios, known for their work on Another Eden.

Speaking of Another Eden, he recently started his Chrono Croix collaboration.

Another Eden follows Aldo, a modest boy from a small village who falls 800 years into the future; he discovers a plot to end the world, intertwined through several eras. Explore a vast and vibrant fantasy world spanning three different eras. During the game, players will recruit allies from over 100 playable party members. Nostalgic turn-based combat can be mastered with combo attacks, chants of magic, party buffs, and other powers.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the Steam version.

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