Dota 2 star N0tail has a mostly Danish gaming PC setup

The ideal gaming PC is all about perspective, but when that perspective comes from Dota 2 icon and back-to-back The International winner N0tail, it’s worth taking note. Here’s all the kit the OG founder uses to play both MOBA and a host of other games.

Working with the talented Emmy winners at Red Bull Media House, N0tail was commissioned to define their dream gaming space with the goal of creating their unique take on the Red Bull Ultimate Gaming Room.

While a puppy-proof sofa for his two adorable pals, Bjørn and Ulv, was a must for the former Dota 2 pro, the heart of a playroom is this all-important ring – while does N0tail consider the best gaming PC?

While chatting with Dota 2’s most decorated player, I asked him about the gear he decided to use in his new room. “I use Shark Gaming monitors,” he says. “Shark Gaming has been very helpful in establishing my place here.

“SteelSeries is the peripheral sponsor of OG, and I’ve personally used it for five or six years. I’ve had a Logitech mouse, but I’ve always used a SteelSeries keyboard. It’s the solid choice in my world.

Since N0tail himself is Danish, he playfully adds “know what else?” It is a Danish company. If it’s Danish design, you know it’s good. We are much more than LEGO! I haven’t lost sight that Shark Gaming is also Danish – there seems to be a certain pattern emerging here, isn’t there N0tail?

Having won back-to-back TIs in 2018 and 2019, as well as four Dota 2 Majors, any advice given by N0tail is worth considering. But, if you’re looking for some additional hardware advice, be sure to check out our best gaming monitors and best gaming mousepads lists. We’ve also got a rundown of the best Dota 2 heroes for beginners if you’re hoping to walk away. in the footsteps of the Danish titan himself.