Discover how to create your own Japanese idol agency with Idol Manager

Following the game’s July 2021 release on Windows PC, developer Glitch Pitch and publisher PLAYISM have brought their dark comedy business simulation game idol manager to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. From a fully in-game, micro-transaction-free gacha system to bolster your company’s ranks, to setting up scrapbooks, practice rooms, and organization concerts – will you succeed in making the next big thing in the Japanese idol industry, or find yourself crippled with millions of yen in debt?

The console version of idol manager contains all content featured in the original PC release, in addition to controller support. There is no major new content included in this release. You can pick up a copy through the Nintendo eShop or PlayStation Store for $24.99 USD or the local equivalent, with Japanese voiceovers and text support for English, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Thanks to a somewhat questionable the generous offer of figure, you end up with the keys of a building and an accompaniment to create the agency of idols of your dreams. Build and operate the most prestigious talent agency in the world by creating the next hit idol group. The road to idol supremacy takes courage, courage and girls, and having all three of you may just beat your competitors.

Below is a little more about what the game entails:

Start by identifying and hiring promising talent. Audition new girls and examine their skills, looks and traits to see if they fit the image of the group. A national audition might attract better talent than a local audition, but broader searches cost more, and funds from suspicious sources don’t grow on trees. Choose idol candidates wisely, as toxic personality traits or incompatibilities between girls can spell disaster.

Spend the money wisely to meet the band’s needs and direct them with the help of the hired agency staff. Study market trends, launch commercially pleasing products, and keep creating new groups to secure global idol game monopolization. Aim for steady brand growth while managing mental health and comfort. Keep a firm hand on the idols to keep them on the straight and narrow, but too much control could lead to rebellion. Giving idols free rein on their public appearances might make them happy, but fans might balk at their choices.

How much blood, sweat and tears will you shed to succeed? Volatile personalities want to monopolize the limelight. Rival groups and agencies want their piece of the pie. Competitors may resort to sabotage and subterfuge. Playing by the rules can lead to a clean conscience and a sorted, clean wallet; underhanded tactics could lead first to fame and later to jail.

I’ve always loved idol groups, but I know how dirty business can be when you dig into it, and I wanted to showcase that duality in idol manager. Everyone who has supported the game, from our crowdfunding campaigns at PC launch to now with console versions, has helped make it a reality!

Max Rogozin – Founder of developer Glitch Pitch

A review of Idol Manager is in progress and will be shared in the coming days.