DioField’s chronicle takes a lot of aesthetic cues from Fire Emblem

The well-deserved success of a series often comes with imitators. The tactical RPG genre is only ruled by a handful of franchises, and with fire emblemSpanning 32 years of rich history, many other titles have attempted to emulate its brilliance. Announced during the March 2022 State of Play, The DioField Chronicle looks like the IP released by Nintendo, taking inspiration from the visual, audio, and gameplay departments.

As the Nintendo Switch is home to a number of enticing strategy RPG offerings, PlayStation’s roster of exclusive games in the genre pales in comparison. Titles like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Triangle Strategy, and Mario Kingdom Battle + Rabbids which are only playable on Switch, for The Banner Saga and Chronicles of Valkyria that are available on Nintendo’s hybrid console, the ground Sony has to cover is substantial. The DioField Chronicle looks set to fill that space as Square Enix brings the project to PlayStation 4 and 5, but not without some obvious visual cues from the beloved fire emblem series.


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The inspirations of DioField Chronicle

Screenshots of Fire Emblem Fates

To generate atmosphere, a game must first establish a strong visual style. From the cel-shaded textures of Borderlands to the beautiful pixel art of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, any game that wants to stand out from the ever-growing crowd of awesome video games needs to use an aesthetic that grabs the consumer’s attention. fire emblem has done wonders in that department so far. While fire emblem would do well to explore other art styles, as the series progresses familiar visual quirks should remain in order to remind fans that it’s part of the same series.

The DioField Chroniclethe presentation of is similar to that of its fire emblem counterpart, with the serif font that appears throughout its trailer, the land borders that separate each segment of the game’s continent, and the over-the-top costume design feeling instantly familiar. Even smaller details, such as character portraits appearing via on-screen tears, resemble the critical hit animations in titles such as Fire Emblem Awakening. Perhaps it was a smart move by publisher Square Enix to bring the aesthetics of Intelligent Systems’ popular series to a PS5 console with sales seemingly not keeping up with demand.

From the Fodlan Fields to the Kingdom of Alletain

The map of Fodlan from the Crusader Kings 3 mod

A tactical RPG set in a medieval-inspired setting, in which different nations of the same kingdom engage in political, tactical and combative skirmishes, is immediately familiar to those who have embarked on Byleth’s journey to the monastery. by Garreg Mach in 2019. Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As the battle between the Rowetale Alliance and the Trovelt-Schovian Empire rages on, the Kingdom of Alletain has yet to be drawn into the war. Outside forces attempt to take over the Kingdom, but the Alletain warriors resist. Placing players in the shoes of these soldiers allows for a potentially engaging story to unfold.

Visually, the Empire red, Alliance green and Kingdom blue crests recall the presentation of the Leicester Alliance, the Kingdom of Faerghus and the Adrestian Empire. Each of these is draped in yellow, blue, and red respectively, making it easier for the player to tell them apart. The environments bear similarities to fire emblem too, with battlefields ranging from cramped city streets to arid wastelands. Players only saw a glimpse of the narrative in this somewhat familiar setting, though it will take considerable effort to stand side by side with fire emblem‘s fascinating stories.

It takes more than awe-inspiring style, visual design or art direction to create a game loved by many, but relying on a recognizable graphics ethos from an established series is a smart way to ensure the game is well presented upon release. fire emblem is a series that many around the world have found fun with, including its looks, so Square Enix bringing something similar to PlayStation is a move that just might pay off.

The DioField Chronicle will launch in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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