Deep Rock Galactic board game coming to Kickstarter next year

If a board game version of Dwarf Mining and Spider Destruction from Deep Rock Galactic sounds like fun, good news: Developer Ghost Ship is launching a Kickstarter campaign sometime in 2022 to make it a reality. They even published a Blog showing what early versions of the board game look like and how that translates the cooperative experience to the table.

Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game is designed by Ole Steiness, creator of Champions of Midgard, which sits at 92 on BoardGameGeek’s Top 100 Strategy Games list. Although the DRG board game went through a lot of prototyping, Ghost Ship knew he wanted to make it a cooperative dungeon robot for 1-4 players just like the video game.

The final version of the game will have a team of players moving through a hexagonal grid made of solid rock, and the choice of where you dig will impact future combat encounters. Rather than a long, multi-stage campaign, the board game version will have players work on one- to two-hour missions that can be affected by random event cards, different types of missions, the flexible layout and progress in mission. It looks like the final version of the board game will focus a bit more on combat with underground creatures than exploration compared to the video game.

A very early prototype of the Driller player mat with cards and tokens. – Ghost ship games (Image credit: Ghost Ship Games)

A humorous addition is the “Rock and Stone” cards, which work as a way to encourage player cooperation. Players will literally say / shout character phrases (like “rock on” or “look what I found”) that give the rest of the team certain boosts or abilities, like a special ranged attack or search for your supply cards.

Of course, it’s not a Kickstarter strategy game without mini figures of creatures and characters, although they haven’t shown them yet. Note that the numbers in the images are placeholders collected from other games or elsewhere.

This prototype is closer to where we ended up with the layout of the cave design. – Ghost ship games (Image credit: Ghost Ship Games)

Ghost Ship CEO Søren Lundgaard said he didn’t have a good answer as to when the Kickstarter board game will launch or when the game itself will be available.

You can check out the Deep Rock Galactic board game pre-Kickstarter page here. Ghost Ship is giving a copy to one lucky winner on the entry list.