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SINGAPORE, Aug. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Singapore-based global entertainment company Web3 Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. (DEA), known for its leading GameFi platform PlayMining, announced that it has entered into a business partnership with “YGG Japan”, which is in partnership with ForN Co.Ltd. (Headquarters in Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Tetsuya Fujiwara, hereinafter ForN).

Context of the partnership

DEA’s “PlayMining” is a GameFi platform that connects gaming and NFT trading and as of August 2022 had over 2.4 million users from around 100 countries. In addition to its flagship gaming and earning title “JobTribes”, which has been available since May 2020, DEA launched a new title “Cookin’ Burger” in August 2022 and plans to launch several new titles in fiscal 2022. , leading the global Web3 gaming industry.

Meanwhile, YGG Japan, established by YGG after its expansion into Japan, aims to not only allow Japanese game users to “play to win”, but also to lead them into the world of “play and win”. YGG Japan will also help Japanese game companies launch their blockchain games to the world.

[DEA×YGG Japan] The original NFTs will be minted and distributed at “Tokyo Game Show 2022” as the first step of the collaboration.

DEA and YGG Japan will both exhibit at “Tokyo Game Show 2022” to be held at Makuhari Messe from Thursday, September 15 to Sunday, September 18, 2022, and carry out a joint project. To commemorate this partnership, an original NFT, “Guild Gamer” for JobTribes will be created and distributed at the Tokyo Game Show as the first step of the collaboration.

The original NFT is a collaboration NFT with every guild that supports JobTribes as guilds in addition to YGG Japan. In addition to each guild’s logo in the artwork, the skill names that can be used in the JobTribes game were decided based on public nominations from each guild’s community members.

Original NFTs will be minted and distributed to visitors to the YGG Japan and DEA booths at Tokyo Game Show 2022 on Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18.

DEA and YGG Japan will collaborate on various measures to train and expand the community towards the common goal of “mass adoption of blockchain games” in the Japanese market.

[Outline of Original NFT]

Name: Guild Player

Game titles available: JobTribes

Number of copies issued: 10,003

Rarity: Common (can be used in Common Quest)

Attribute: Thunder

Skill names

– First skill: voice chat activated

– Second skill: @everyone

– Third Skill: New Challenge

Allocation method

Visitors to Tokyo Game Show 2022 on general public days (Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18, 10:00-18:00) will receive a card with a QR code to acquire NFTs when visiting YGG Japan or DEA booth. (Tokyo Game Show 2022 official website: )

[Guilds corporated on this project]

YGG Japan / LCA GAME GUILD / Sakura Guild Games / ForN Gaming Guild / Sofikura / Lucian Finders Guild / YIELD FARMING LAB / NFT GAMER JAPAN

[About YGG Japan]

YGG Japan aims to not only allow Japanese game users to “play to win”, but also to lead them into the world of “play and win”.

Japan is one of the world’s leading content powerhouses. Thanks to media such as manga, cartoons, and games, the country has a large number of IP addresses by global standards, and new IP addresses are created every day. There are also many development studios that create world-class games. YGG Japan will provide an environment to bring games using Japanese intellectual property and original blockchain games to users around the world.

Guilds, the community of players, are essential to enjoy blockchain games. Therefore, we will expand the guild network by strengthening the scholarship system, guild management tools, and various game-related incentive programs so that more and more vibrant guilds are created. Through these activities, we will expand the blockchain game market in Japan and realize a new world where games are part of everyday life.

ForN Co.Ltd.

Created: November 2021

Location: 406 THE MODULE roppongi, 7-21-24 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan

Deputy Director: Tetsuya Fujiwara


ForN Corporation became the business partner of YGG, the world’s largest blockchain gaming guild upon entering Japan and is an operator of YGG Japan. It actively provides marketing support, tool development and infrastructure development and contributes to the expansion of the Japanese blockchain game market.

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. ltd. |

DEA, a global GameFi platform and metaverse company, was founded in Singapore in August 2018 and is developing “JobTribes”, a Play-to-Earn game; “PlayMining NFT”, an NFT marketplace; and “PlayMining Verse”, a meta verse project. Using blockchain technology, the company aims to realize a world where value can be created while having fun.

Co-CEOs: Naohito Yoshida, Kozo Yamada

Location: 7 Straits View, Marina One East Tower, #05-01, Singapore 018936

Created: August 2018

Business description: GameFi platform business

Contact information

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. ltd.

Public Relations: Takasugi|[email protected]

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