Dark Passenger: Witchers works in feudal Japan on new IPs

When Dark Passenger was founded, a new studio came together from CD veterans to create a new IP.

Dark Passenger is a new studio made up of CD Projekt Red veterans and other developers. For the past two years, the team’s pre-production for an IP sequel set in feudal Japan has continued.

The online multiplayer game is based on a real engine 5 and relies on an individual point of view. The game should focus more on PVP, PVE and co-op. These players assume the roles of shinobi and kunoichi, working together to take on both the Usurpers and other groups of stealthy assassins looking for the same finds.

Concept Art Dark Passengers.

Gamer-like characters will take on the challenge of scaling the towers of city buildings and hiding under village huts, or scaling pagodas or grabbing walls or even shivering in unseen temples. identified. The wind-soaked terrain allows for endless movement. The changing weather surprises them with sudden rains, strong winds or fog shrouding the surroundings.

The website also describes the new project. Our goal is to create interactive online games that are both collaborative and competitive. We are fascinated by man games, alliances, daring confrontations and unexpected twists. To make each game unique and surprising, we use many procedural solutions. All players have the same objective; however, they must change tactics and take a different path each time.

A patented locomotion system allows players to perform grand stunts such as chasing arrows fired by others, eating flat walls with Shuko claws, or splice a yari spear as a pole to jump over obstacles.

Players’ arsenal includes katanas, tanto and wakizashi short swords, kusarigama chains, shurikens, kunai throwing knives and more. Exciting melee combat requires skill, tactics and teamwork.

The intricate customization system will allow players to create unique characters and modify their weapons, gear, and abilities to their liking. You have the opportunity to build and develop your own dojo, and a place that invites friends to work together to learn the rules of the game.

Players can help a variety of walks of life, from lowly villagers to lowly beggars, to villagers and high-born samurai. It will be your job to remain unnoticed and always alert to any dangers that may lurk anywhere.

This new, previously unknown project is available via Steam for the Xbox 360 series, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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