ConcernedApe is not sure about future updates to Stardew Valley, focused on the new game at this time

Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe has continued to provide a slew of free updates to his beloved farm life simulation over the past few years, but it looks like plans for future updates are a bit hazy. . Eric Barone, the man behind the ConcernedApe nickname, says he is now focused on his next game, which he may have more news about soon.

On Twitch, Barone teamed up with streamer UnsurpassableZ to host the first official Stardew Valley tournament, where farmers battled it out in a frenzy of fishing for a $ 40,000 prize pool. Towards the end of the stream, UnsurpassableZ hosted a short Q&A with Barone, where the two talked about future projects and what could happen to your farm.

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When asked to add more candidates to the marriage, Barone explained that he wasn’t against the idea and maybe even wanted to, but it’s not an easy job in a click. “I have to add a lot of dialogue and at least two other events, and these events take a long time. It may seem like it’s not that bad, but it takes a tremendous amount of time, ”says Barone.

“I’m not even saying if there will be another Stardew Valley update, I don’t know at this time.” It’s a complicated task, and Barone even looks like he has a few candidates he would like to include, but went on to explain, “Right now I’m focused on my next game.”

As for this new game, Barone announced some time ago that he is working on new projects, one of which is not a farming game but still takes place in the Stardew Valley universe. He didn’t mention anything else about the project, but added during the stream that he might finally “announce it soon enough” and that “nobody knows” what it is now. He clarified that this is another pixel art game, sharing Stardew’s top-down perspective of Valley and that it’s similar – just don’t assume it’s a farming game.

Regardless of Stardew Valley’s future plans, Barone has already delivered plenty of free updates, including the recent split-screen feature for console gamers. If you’re waiting for Barone’s next adventure, you can stay busy while Stardew Valley launches on Game Pass this fall.

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