Clip of doctors playing video games in Wenlock goes viral | Mangaluru News

Mangaluru: Footage of medics playing video games in Wenlock District Hospital’s emergency department has gone viral, sparking strong reactions from the public.
The viral video shows a patient lying on a bed on one side, while doctors play a video game on a PC on the other side.
The matter was brought to the attention of the hospital authorities. A Vagga patient was taken to hospital with a head injury on January 23.
Sharing the video of the patient and medics, Umesh Acharya wrote on Facebook, “A patient from Mulkaje in Vagga was taken to Wenlock District Hospital at 11pm on 23rd January after sustaining head injuries from arterial hypertension. The doctors and hospital staff were arrogant and playing a game on the computer. They did not respond even when the patient’s relatives asked them to introduce themselves.
Acharya requested the district administration to take necessary action in connection with the incident.
Wenlock District Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Sadashiva Shanbag told TOI that the issue had been brought to the attention of KMC Hospital authorities.
“The incident was reported in the injured area. Some postgraduate students at KMC Hospital turned on the TV or some other gadget,” he said. Meanwhile, a PG student received a warning and was suspended by the college administration.