Clever KBRD is an escape where you bounce balls with your keyboard skills

I’m a big fan of breakout style games. You know the ones where you hit a small ball with a racket and it breaks the blocks? I like those. They are good. One of the first games I remember buying was Super Break Out on Game Boy.

Enter developer Connor Aitken, a young game design grad, who had a weirdly clever idea and created a prototype for us all to enjoy: KBRD. (opens in a new tab) The basic idea is that you have a small ball of pixels, but instead of a palette, you create a palette using any combination of two keys on your keyboard. So you can stretch between Q and P for a big wide paddle bounce, or redirect wide using something like P and Z, or W and C for the perfect angle to a block. New blocks appear over time, as do little yellow bonus balls.

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Although KBRD is still a prototype, it is available to play for free. It’s by no means a full game, really just a prototype, but the appeal of the concept is clear. Any game that relies on the unique capabilities of its input device will be at least interesting, at least to me. Twitter is already full of ideas on how to improve, expand, and put a unique spin on the concept: a cooldown on quick letter usage, forcing you to use each letter before using another, etc Cooldowns, special items – you get the drift.

You can find KBRD on, where you can play it in a browser. You can find more from developer Connor Aitken on and on Twitter. Go encourage him to keep making games because I like that idea and I want there to be more like that.