Classic Star Trek computer games are available to play again


If you missed the Star Trek video game craze, now is your chance!

As Star Trek tries to throw what looks like dozens of shows against the wall to see what will remain, attempts to recapture Star Trek’s true golden age have not worked. As the franchise evolves, it’s healthier now than it has been in years, but in media like Trek, the merchandise is king of success. The more you have, the better off you get, and Star Trek only started coming back into the big game of merch recently. They have been without action figures or video games for over a decade.

Since these are the two big keys to successful franchise products, they are big keys to not having. Of course, Trek offers mobile games, but they are unoriginal at best and uninspiring at worst. Then there’s Star Trek Online, but it’s over 10 years old and it’s tough for new players to get in.

No, when Trek was at its peak as a brand, video games were plentiful and incredibly diverse.

You can play the best Star Trek video games again on GOG

For just $ 9.99 apiece, you can play (most) of the best Star Trek games in franchise history thanks to to Games include Elite Force, Elite Force II, Bridge Commander, Starfleet Command III, Hidden Evil, and Away Team.

Elite Force, Bridge Commander, and Starfleet Command are some of the most successful games in the franchise, while most of the others are certainly worthy of your time. For just $ 10, it’s definitely worth giving away one or three.

Two more games, Star Trek: Armada and Armada II are on the way but have yet to be announced.

If you are a fan of first person games then definitely give Elite Force I & II a try, but if real time strategy is more your thing then Starfleet Command III will be your favorite gaming experience.