Card Shark, the game about cheating, social mobility and getting backstabbed by peasants, is coming June 2

Devolver Digital announced today that Card Shark, the game about cheating at cards, climbing the corporate ladder, and trying not to get murdered like a dog, will finally arrive on June 2.

Card Shark looks very cool. Cheating is winning, as the saying goes, and getting caught is very bad news, but there’s a lot more going on here than just shuffling and negotiating. You’ll have to learn all sorts of tricks of the trade, use them to earn money and work your way to better games (and higher stakes) as you move from small provincial towns to luxurious mansions in the France of the Eighteenth century. It’s a life of ups and downs, as Chris learned when he got fucked in a shitty rural barn after trying to scam a local rube in a three-card game of Monte.

“Card Shark really makes me feel like a skilled card cheat, especially when I have a good run at a table, hitting my shots perfectly, raising the bet to win a big pot, and ending the game without the other players don’t become completely suspicious.” Chris wrote. “I learned about 8 different ways to cheat, but there are nearly 30 in the full game, and since some methods end up being combined with others, I imagine no card game will ever be really the same.”

And apparently there’s a moral side to the game, too. Your mentor has no qualms about taking every penny from everyone you meet, but scamming people who can’t afford it has potentially life-threatening consequences. awful – for them more than for you.

Card Shark is available for pre-purchase on Steam for 15% off the normal $20/£17/€20 price until the game launches on June 2, and if you want to try it out before then, you can get your hands on a demo now. Learn more about