Bohemia Interactive was not sold to BAE Systems

Arma and DayZ maker Bohemia Interactive was unaffected by the sale of Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) to British arms and aerospace company BAE Systems.

As reported by, the deal will have no impact on the game developer, which has not been part of BISim since 2013. This division focuses on game software for military training, but was later transformed into his own company before being acquired by Riverside Company. Earlier this week it was revealed that it would be bought by BAE Systems for the massive sum of $200 million, according to Defense News.

“Bohemia Interactive no longer has any ties with Bohemia Interactive Simulations since 2013,” said a spokesperson for studio Arma.

“The recent agreement did not affect us in any way, nor did we participate in it.”

Bohemia Interactive recently attracted investment from Chinese tech and entertainment giant Tencent.

Alexander Calvin

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