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WWE’s latest game just got bigger and better with a new mode called MyFACTION that lets players build their own wrestling stables with their choice of WWE Superstars. As expected, several recurring features in the WWE 2K mark their return with a special focus on the life and career of WWE legend Rey Mysterio, who also appears on the cover.

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With individual stories available for most wrestlers and multiple DLC packs, the wrestling game promises to provide enough real-time action to engage fans old and new to the franchise. Besides the usual WWE games, WWE 2K22 is also meant to impress fans of other wrestling classics like the WCW franchise as well as modern sports titles in the 2K series.


WCW vs. nWo: World Tour (1997)

Scott Hall in WCW vs. nWo: World Tour Player Select Screen

A 1997 classic, this episode of WCW franchise is a fairly underrated Nintendo 64 game. Still, he is well-loved by wrestling fans, mainly due to his “grappling” system whereby all movements in the ring began with grapples. It’s been a staple in many other wrestling games that have come out since.

Another reason for WWE 2K22 fans to discover World Tour is the fact that it marks Rey Mysterio’s video game debut. From his debut as a minor character in WCW games to be the cover star and main playable character of WWE 2K22the 47-year-old has come a long way.

Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style (1999)

Wu Tang Clan members on the Wu Tang Shaolin style

Hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan have made several appearances in video games, either as contributors to soundtracks or as playable characters. In Shaolin-style, nine of the members appear as fictionalized versions of themselves in a martial arts tournament video game. The gameplay allows multiple fighters to show off their moves simultaneously in classic 1v1 matches as well as other variations such as 2v2 or even 1v3.

Therefore, the usual combination of Wu-Tang Clan hip-hop and kung-fu films allows for tag-team matches reminiscent of a WWE game like WWE 2K22. Additionally, the latter’s soundtrack also includes a Wu-Tang classic like “Protect Ya Neck”, proving just how green their music is ever for video games.

NBA 2K22 (2021)

The 23rd chapter of the NBA 2K The franchise includes six cover stars for the first time along with enhanced gameplay mechanics in its classic basketball simulation game. Career mode will satisfy the needs of NBA purists while MyTeam mode is perfect for online teams.

the 2K the franchise is not limited to wrestling games and basketball video games such as NBA 2K22 would serve as a good break if players are tired of the WWE hype.

WCW vs. The World (1996)

WCW World Tour Coverage

A little like WCW vs. nWo: World Tour, WCW vs. the World revolutionized the wrestling game genre by introducing features not present in its predecessors. Modes newly introduced to the game included League Challenge, Exhibition, Tournament, and many more, most of which were reminiscent of Japanese professional wrestling (unlike the American style of wrestling that most other games relied on at the time) .

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While WWE 2K22 offers the latest innovations in wrestling games, WCW vs. the World is a classic that must be revisited at the same time for its visionary gameplay.

RetroMania Wrestling (2021)

A wrestling match in RetroMania

As for wrestling games that aren’t associated with any franchise, RetroMania Wrestling works as a good choice. Tag and cage matches are the popular options in this game which plays out like an old-school pro wrestling match back when WWE was WWF.

Released in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Windows, the game is not part of the WWE series but its gameplay pays homage to WWE arcade classics such as WWF Superstars and WWF strugglest. RetroMania Wrestling is a fun option for players of WWE 2K22 in this regard, as it shows the impact WWE has had on other wrestling games.

Wrestling Kingdom (2005)

Two wrestlers fight in Wrestle Kingdom game

Fight KingdomMatches include familiar WWE concepts such as battle royales, triple threats, and tag teams. But instead of featuring the familiar faces of WWE, the cast of Fight Kingdom features players from the All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling leagues.

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Given Japan’s prominence in the sport of professional wrestling, this 2007 title is essential play. Be it WWE 2K22 or its predecessors, WWE’s usual lineup of wrestlers might need a break, and Fight Kingdom has enough Japanese legends to keep players entertained for years.

Action Arcade Wrestling (2019)

Two wrestlers fight in a ring in Action Arcade Wrestling

The Nintendo Switch game Action Arcade Fight has the look and feel of a classic ’90s arcade game because that’s exactly the style it aims to emulate. An over-the-top homage to the goofy glory of pro wrestling of the 80s and 90s, this 2019 game is a thrilling blast from the past.

While WWE 2K22 can be easily played from the comfort of its home console, Action Arcade Fight recreates the experience of what an arcade wrestling game would have been like. This contrast in playstyle is reason enough for it to be a good alternative to 2K22.

Def Jam Vendetta (2003)

Ludacris and DMX in Def Jam Vendetta player menu

Def Jam Vendetta mixes the world of hip-hop music with that of wrestling. In addition to a story mode with fictional characters, even real-life rappers such as Method Man, DMX, Redman, and Ludacris appear as playable characters. The plot kicks off with street fights that progress to full-scale matches.

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Just like several other wrestling based games, WWE 2K22The soundtrack of includes a lot of hip-hop influences. In this context, Def Jam Vendetta is perfect for fans of the game, because not only does this 2003 classic have a very rap-heavy album, but real-life rappers jump right in on the action.

Professional Wrestling (1986)

Two wrestlers competing in Pro Wrestling 1987 on the NES

A timeless classic for the NES, the release of Pro Wrestling was a watershed moment for sports gaming in general. For the time, the game featured realistic wrestling graphics and moves. Players could choose from six wrestlers and execute the body slams, kicks, and punches that would define an entire generation of wrestling video games.

From professional wrestling to WWE 2K22, it should be noted how far the best wrestling video games have come. Despite its dated 80s style, Professional wrestling is always a fun option worth playing.

Fire Pro Wrestling World (2017)

Kenny Omega wrestles Kazuchika Okada in Fire Pro Wrestling World

True to the nature of others Fire Pro Fight Games, World focuses on timing and strategy more than fighting action in the wrestling ring. The game features hundreds of original wrestlers, but also many New Japan Pro-Wrestling stars thanks to an agreement with the company. This makes it an ideal game to play with stars like Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, who appear weekly in WWE’s competition, AEW.

With the WWE 2K franchise becomes more and more realistic with each new episode, a game like Fire Pro Wrestling World is a pretty good recommendation. World has its share of grappling drama, but its strategy-based grappling system adds a dimension of reality to its gameplay.

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