Azhy Robertson from Invasion talks video games, alien apocalypses and Luke Malik

It’s easy to imagine yourself battling a virus outbreak or a deadly natural disaster, as both have roots steeped in familiarity. What about an alien invasion? It is not too far-fetched an idea. Many can easily accept that there is life beyond Earth. That being said, the creators of alien-related projects have endless creative freedom when it comes to storytelling due to the diversity of portrayals of aliens in entertainment. There are Kang and Kodos, the campy aliens of The simpsons, or the mysterious Demogorgons, the monsters that exist to haunt the singular town of Hawkins, Indiana, or even the titular alien of Lilo & stich, a sweet friend as a dog looking for caring and family. The original Apple TV series Invasion takes a different turn on aliens, producing deadly mechanical creatures and showing their impact on the global sphere.


Featured in Invasion as Luke Malik is the young actor Azhy Robertson. It has already been seen on screen in Netflix Marriage story and the horror film by Jacob Chase Come play. While the video game-obsessed preteen isn’t completely new to the sci-fi genre, he was challenged on the set of the series nonetheless. Talk to Rant, he shared, “I really like Luke as a character because he starts off as a normal kid, but then the alien invasion really ruins his life and his family. He starts to care more about his family, by Particularly from his sister, Sarah. I feel like he’s really mature for his age and knows something he doesn’t want to say. “

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Continuing, he highlighted one of the most difficult times he had to endure to get into character. Robertson said: “There was a point in episode two where I had to scream real loud because he’s [Luke] hear strange and alien stuff in his ears. It was pretty crazy because I had to scream very loudly. I must have been crying and it really felt like I was in a lot of pain. ” Rant got the chance to chat with Robertson about his favorite video games, his character, and how long he would last in an alien invasion.

Azhy Robertson stars in Apple TV Invasion
via Apple TV

Game Rant: Have you watched anything lately?

Azhy Robertson: I’ve just finished Squid game. It was pretty good. I liked it. I also just started watching the League of Legends show Esoteric on Netflix.

GR: I see your guitar in the background. Do you play guitar With that, theater and school, what does your daily schedule look like?

AR: Yeah, it’s, it’s a bass. I took it back after a few years. It was a very good decision. It’s really fun. I get up around 5:30 a.m. [A.M.] because my school is a bit far away. I go to school until three o’clock, then I go out. When I’m at home I usually do my homework and then work out [his guitar]. And then I start playing video games.

GR: What video games do you play?

AR: i played a lot of Minecraft with my friends. I just got the new one Call of Duty. I’m excited for the new one Battlefield 2 it comes out. [Author note: He’s way too cool!]

GR: Enter directly into the Invasion stuff – What was your first reaction when you received the script? Are you an alien fan? Did that tick some boxes on your dream list?

AR: I really like sci-fi stuff and aliens in general. So that’s pretty cool. I was interested in this part of the show. But also the characters since they come from all over the world. It’s really cool to see all of their reactions to the set, like the end of the world, an alien invasion.

Azhy Robertson stars in Apple TV Invasion
via Apple TV

GR: How would you react if you found out, right now, that the world was being invaded by aliens? Do you have like a few weeks? What would you do?

AR: I would be really scared. Uh, I would probably lock my doors. Barricade them? Do all I can to stay safe.

GR: I have a running joke in my family that if there is a zombie apocalypse, I am going. I am the first to go. How long do you think you will last in an alien invasion? This is a dark question. I am sorry.

AR: No it’s OK. I have thought about it several times too. I probably wouldn’t last very long. I am a bit of a germaphobe. When I’m dirty, I rush to wash my hands. A lot of things are probably going to be crass and disheveled in a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, so I probably wouldn’t last very long.

GR: I have the impression that we saw you growing up on the screen. I remember Marriage story and Come play. What are the integral lessons you learned during those leading roles that helped you take on this Apple TV series?

AR: There are three main things I always think about: Do your best as a character. Don’t try too hard, as it will make your performance really strained, which is not very good. And I always try to see myself as my character.

GR: How did your friends and family react to Invasion and your role?

AR: My family is really proud of me. My mom and dad are really cool and support me when I play. I try not to talk too much about it with my friends, but usually they say, “Oh, I saw your new show. It’s really cool.” And me and I say, “Oh, really cool. Thanks.”

Invasion is currently airing on Apple TV.

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