Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 will be fully live due to COVID-19 issues

The organizers of the speedrunning Games Done Quick charity marathon have always taken the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. While other major gaming event planners have attempted to host in-person events while imposing various restrictions, the speedrun scene has not seen an in-person GDQ event since January of last year. All of the GDQ events since that time have taken place entirely online, which hasn’t stopped them from amassing millions of dollars in donations. Now it looks like GDQ organizers aren’t planning to resume in-person events anytime soon, as they just announced that the upcoming Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 marathon will also take place online.

The organizers of the GDQ announced their current plans on their Twitter as well as their website. According to their statement, the organizers “made this decision after much deliberation and risk analysis of holding an in-person event.” They said “too much danger and uncertainty stemming from COVID-19” still exists for them to comfortably host an in-person event at this time. They thanked the community for their “support and patience as we continue to assess the ever-changing environment and work together in pursuit of a return to in-person events in the future.”

Additional background to the decision

Notably, the AGDQ event moved to Orlando, Florida in early 2020 as international attendees could get there more easily compared to previous event locations in Virginia and Maryland. This decision may have made sense at the time, but given that Florida is now a major hotspot for COVID-19 cases, it has become much more difficult for GDQ organizers to organize an event in person in any form.

The fact that Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 is happening online will surely disappoint those eager to meet in person. But since COVID-19 remains a threat and has only become more deadly thanks to the emergence of new variants, it ultimately seems like the best option at this time. Viewers can tune in to the event when it airs January 9-16.

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