Attack on Titan Final Season card game to appear in Japan

Studium Mundi and Nexus have revealed the Attack on Titan: The Nine Titans card game. This physics game will feature characters and titans from the final animated season of The attack of the Titans.

The card set will include 108 point markers and 57 cards – a starter card and 18 character cards printed in three different colors. All Nine Titans will also be present in the deck. Competitive physical play will support two to six players, although Studium Mundi recommends at least three players.

The basic system of this card game will require one player to steal cards from another to increase points. However, the other player can prevent this if they have one of the Nine Titans cards in play.

The game will end when a player runs out of cards. The player with the most points at that time will become the winner.

Pre-orders for the card game are immediately available on BoardGame World for 2,200 yen (~ $ 19). However, he can only ship the package within Japan. Studio Mundi will also be selling the set physically at the Game Market 2021 Autumn in Tokyo Big Sight on November 20-21, 2021.

Attack on Titan: The Nine Titans card game will be available in Japan on November 20, 2021. Studio Mundi expects fans of the series to enjoy the card game while waiting for the second part of Attack on Titan: The Final Season. The anime show will continue to air on NHK around the first three months of 2022.