April’s Xbox Game Pass lineup is kind of a disappointment

A turnip jumps over other turnips on public transport in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion on Xbox Game Pass.

Turnip Boy commits tax evasion.
Picture: Kazoo Snoozy

Origins of Assassin’s Creedone of the best Ubisoft card games of the modern era, is coming to Game Pass. But… not anytime soon. Microsoft says it will launch the games-on-demand service “within the next two months.” In the meantime, the library is enriched with a frankly disappointing program. Here is everything coming to Game Pass in the coming weeks.

April 19

  • F1 (Cloud)
  • Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remasteredthrough EA Play (Cloud)
  • Turnip Boy commits tax evasion (Cloud, Console, Desktop)

April 26

  • 7 days to die (Cloud, Console, Desktop)
  • search and destroy (Console, PC)

April 28

  • Bugnax (Cloud, Console, Desktop)
  • Soulless (Console, PC)

And the following games will be unavailable from April 30:

  • Cricket 19 (Cloud, Console, Desktop)
  • Survive 2 (Cloud, Console, Desktop)
  • secret neighbor (Cloud, Console, Desktop)
  • Streets of rage 4 (Cloud, Console, Desktop)

The biggest news here is the addition of Bugnaxwho developer Young Horses announced last week. (Bugnaxis free Bigsnax Island the expansion releases the same day the eminently memorable puzzler hits Game Pass.) Turnip Boy commits tax evasion is a delightful puzzle game about overthrowing the federal government, and I’m curious to see what Soullessa whimsical pixel art action RPG, is all about, while forever conveying the horror game 7 ways to die.

But it’s hard not to notice a trend here. Last year – and to a lesser extent the year before –Microsoft has packaged the Game Pass library with must-watch games, both blockbusters and indie gems. The strategy fueled sky-high increases in the service’s subscription base, the kind of double-digit growth you only see with well-marketed movie and TV streaming services (although Microsoft Notedin an earnings report, that Game Pass missed the company’s target last year).

So far, additions to 2022’s Game Pass have been largely hit or miss. For each training led by a guardians of the galaxy or one The gate of death, There are another which adds little or, even worse, kick-off some of the best games.

On the positive side, this means at least more time to eliminate the old backlog.