An Easter egg in Unpacking revealed the developer’s next game

Earlier this month, Australian indie studio Witch Beam blogged (opens in a new tab) which mentioned an easter egg not found in his game Unpacking. “A pixel art rendition of key art from our upcoming game exists somewhere in Unpacking,” the blog post said, “and no one has found it yet!”

A few days later, YouTuber on an Easter egg hunt xGarbett found this easter egg (opens in a new tab). As some gamers already figured out, you can fire up game consoles in Unpacking and see fictional Cactus Carts, Witch Sports, Android Cold War III, and Lash N’ Dash games. But turning on the Wii on the apartment’s second level revealed a game that may not yet exist, but isn’t fictional: TempPoPo.

Described on the Witch Beam website (opens in a new tab) like “Coming Soon”, we don’t know anything about TempPoPo yet. The name and radiated notes from its logo suggest something musical, and Witch Beam includes famed composer Jeff van Dyck, whose credits include various games Total War, Alien: Isolation, and Skitchin’. The island in the cloud and the pretty pink Cave Bud-like character seem to be reminiscent of the heartwarming adventure Rakuen, which is also a musical game.

Before making a name for itself from the life story told in the moving cartons of Unpacking, Witch Beam was responsible for a two-joystick arcade shooter called Assault Android Cactus. (opens in a new tab). A kinetic arcade laser disco, it had nothing to do with the unboxing, and it’s entirely possible that TemPoPo could be something completely different again.