AMD Ryzen 7000 performance drops with Windows 11 22H2 update

Those looking to squeeze the most AMD Ryzen 7000 performance out of their new system would do well to avoid the latest Windows 11 update, 22H2, for now. Apparently the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system is not playing well with the latest processors, in the latest chapter in the now long saga between red team processors and the operating system.

According CapFrameX (Going through Neowin) AMD Ryzen 7000 performance isn’t where it should be on a gaming PC running Windows 11 update 22H2. Through a series of tweets, he points out that the best gaming processor in the line Team Red, the Ryzen 9 7950X, performs worse in its stock configuration than when half its cores are disabled, running on a single CCD (CPU Compute Die).

However, it also appears that disabling AMD SMT (simultaneous multithreading) helps alleviate a lot of the performance hit, which is definitely not meant to happen. For now, it looks like the red team and Microsoft will have to work together in order to fully resolve this issue.

Luckily, both AMD and Microsoft have a decent track record of solving these kinds of issues fairly quickly, as was the case when the parties tackled the TPM requirement that wreaked havoc on smooth frame rates.