A Squid Game video game could be coming, according to Netflix

Netflix Asia executive Minyoung Kim says a Squid game video game is under study, THR reports. Can’t say I’m shocked, since Netflix says Squid Game is about to be its most watched show of all time, beating The Witcher audience of 76 million viewers.

Kim spoke with THR about the runaway success of Squid Game, the Korean battle royale drama that follows a group of debt-ridden social outcasts who pledge to enter a giant competition for the equivalent of around $ 39 million. US. The catch is, anyone who fails a challenge is immediately killed, usually by a headshot casually administered by the masked guards working for the obscure organization that runs the entire show.

Kim said Netflix is ​​currently reviewing what will come next for the IP Squid Game. The streaming giant is considering a potential video game adaptation as well as “consumer products,” a fancy word for commodities. The Netflix director and producer and Squid Game are still in talks for a season 2, but Kim tempered expectations by reminding fans that the series only launched a month ago.

A number of PC Gamer teams have already completed the first season of Squid Game. Tyler praised it in his review, and I also found it to be a surprisingly moving and poignant journey. The series explores a familiar theme – trying to get by in a capitalist hellish landscape – and the contrast between its tragic character arcs and the cold indifference of each murder stands out even in a media landscape that’s not exactly lacking in depictions of a extreme violence.

Kim didn’t provide any speculation on what a game adaptation of Squid Game might look like. The show itself pits characters against each other (and sometimes teams up) in colorful, surreal contests usually based on Korean children’s games. When the show kicked off and its masked guards caught everyone’s attention, a frequent comparison was Mediatonic’s Fall Guys, where cartoon humanoids charge through obstacle courses or get knocked over from platforms. towards their loss.

The battle royale genre, which most directly stems from Koushun Takami’s 1999 novel Battle Royale and the films that followed, has already seen immense popularity in video games thanks to PUBG and Fortnite. Given that Squid Game relies heavily on emotionally charged dramas between the contestants, the bonds they create and sever, and the layers of mystery behind the competition itself, it will be interesting to see how Netflix adapts it. in a game that you would conspicuously want. want to play over and over again.

It’s not sure whether Netflix is ​​ordering a Squid Game game, of course, but I would bet we don’t go until the end of the year without a CEO saying the phrase “Squid Game metaverse”.

Netflix made another connection to games this week when co-CEO Ted Sarandos used the concept of violence in video games in an unconvincing defense of Dave Chappelle’s controversial comedy special.