9 Underrated Video Games From The 2010s That Deserve A Sequel

Video games experienced a revolution during the 2010s when photorealism in big budget games reached new heights and the first virtual reality consoles were introduced to gamers. At the same time, despite the dominance of mobile games, consoles are still selling extremely well.

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While there were plenty of massive critical and financial hits in the video game space over the decade, there were other works that were overlooked, for one reason or another. Some have rightfully left few traces in the minds of gamers, but other older games deserve a sequel.


LA Noire (2011)

Another historically accurate and even more detailed open world in an LA Noire sequel would surpass the Wild West of Red Dead Redemption 2

Inspired by some of the best film noir ever made, The black takes players below the glitz and glamor of classic Hollywood, seen through the eyes of WWII veteran Cole Phelps. Even if Phelps meets a tragic end in the game, that doesn’t rule out a future for the franchise as a whole.

Although developed by defunct Australian studio Team Bondi, The black was published by Rockstar Games and definitely bears some hallmarks of its publisher. Rockstar’s involvement also means the game belongs to the studio, making a sequel possible, albeit with Grand Theft Auto VI in the works, it is unlikely to arrive anytime soon.

Starhawk (2012)

Starhawk video game

Set in the distant future in a distant solar system, the 2012 game Starhawk follows Emmett as he acts as a futuristic sniper protecting miners from mutated humans through direct exposure to “Rift Energy”, the very thing being mined. It’s an old west meets outer space vibe, and stars Khary Payton, best known from The Walking Deadlike Emmett.

Although definitely obscure, the game has an intriguing world-building that appealed to gamers, providing an all-new sci-fi franchise for gaming. However, no sequel plans have ever been announced, although the game is great and definitely lends itself to a series.

Spec Ops: The Line (2012)

A screenshot from Spec Ops The Line

Video games have proven time and time again that they can delve into sophisticated subject matter, but for many gamers, Special operations: the line This was the first time this had become crystal clear, and a follow-up of some sort is long overdue.

Inspired by heart of darknessthe novel that served as the basis for Revelation now, Special operations: the line sees soldiers led by Martin Walker sent into a sandstorm in Dubai to pick up rogue soldiers led by a man named John Konrad. It provided a serious meditation on war, particularly as it is traditionally depicted in games, and the psychological toll it takes on individuals. No medium could do that better than video games.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist (2013)

Splinter Cell Blacklist Writer Wants a Sequel

the Splinter Cell by Tom Clancy The series began in 2002 and was clearly inspired by the Solid metal gear games, even if Burst cell The franchise has managed to stand out as a stealth action series on its own.

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However, 2013 Splinter Cell Blacklist is still the newest game in the series, making it by far the biggest gap between releases of a game in the franchise since its debut. The game’s author has even expressed interest in a sequel, though a single-player focused game doesn’t fit Ubisoft’s strategy for this console generation. Still, fans definitely want one, and it’s more than justified.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts (2013)

Call of Duty Poster - Ghosts

Although it is considered one of the worst Call of Duty Games, Call of Duty: Ghosts is also one of the most underrated. The first one COD Infinity Ward game after modern warfare 3, Ghosts introduced a new storyline as well as its own version of Zombies, called “Extinction”, where the main threat is aliens.

What’s most underrated about the game, however, is its storyline. Of course, there are a few weak points about this, and it feels like another alternate story, just like the modern warfare series, but as Starhawk, it is the construction of the world that intrigues. A sequel that resolves the cliffhanger ending may of course never come, but it’s certainly worth a try.

Sunset Overdrive (2014)

Sunset Overdrive Insomniac Monster Games

Developed by Insomniac Games at a time before they were purchased by Sony, and released shortly before development began in 2018 Spider Man Game, Overdrive at sunset is nothing less than weird, but in the best possible way.

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Humans have turned into zombies thanks to an energy drink, and players are tasked with fighting them. It’s a weird but charming take on the zombie trope, with a bit of skater game energy in the mix. With Insomniac now a Sony exclusive developer with Spider Man and Wolverine Frontline properties, a sequel may be a pipe dream, but it’s a dream worth having.

The Order: 1886 (2015)

The 1886 Order deserves a sequel

There are two ways to complain about a game that was too short: it rocked all the way, or it had potential but failed. For the steampunk-inspired 2015 version The Order: 1886it was certainly the second case.

There was so much excitement around this game before it was released; it looked like a mix of Bioshock Infinite, sherlock holmes, and vampire hunting. Although it somewhat lived up to its promises, it was nowhere near comparable games when it came to content, although it did have a few other minor issues. A sequel could solve all that.

Republic (2016)

Republic game screenshot

At a time when data and surveillance are part of everyday conversations and concerns, Republic is a unique game that specifically addresses these fears. In the game, players guide the main character around a mysterious facility, with the view provided by tons of surveillance cameras.

Originally released on mobile devices from December 2013, it came to gamers in 5 episodes, although it took 2.5 years until the last episode was released in March 2016 with a full console release. While the original was clearly not optimized for consoles, a sequel designed specifically for that market could pick up on its story and make an even bigger splash. Either way, it’s worth playing.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (2017)

chloe and nadine proud

Not only is Nathan Drake the best video game role of Nolan North, but he is also the star character of the Unexplored franchise. That’s what made 2017’s standalone expansion Uncharted 4, The lost legacy, a risk. Sure, Chloe Frazer was a popular character, but she’d never headlined a game before.

Although not as good as some of the Unexplored games, when judged on its own, it’s a fun adventure with multiple characters from across the franchise. Nathan Drake’s story may be over, but a sequel to lost legacy could explore so much more. Or, perhaps, it could even bring other fan favorites, such as Uncharted 3It’s Charlie Cutter.

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