8 best video games where you play like a god

Characters and tales from mythology and folklore have been incorporated into video games in many ways. While some games like The sims series, people, and Spore let players control the lives of characters by building and managing their worlds, there are others that make gods playable protagonists.

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There are many advantages to letting players play the role of gods. On the one hand, there is still an established real-world tradition of pulling compelling narratives out of it, and the gods’ superhuman abilities often make combat more exciting. Among the many games that allow players to control the deities, there are a few highlights that make the experience truly unique and immersive, allowing players to briefly experience what it is like to be an almighty being.

8 Snake in the staglands

Necholai in a portal in the middle of a room in the Serpent in the Staglands video game

During a moonlit festival in the Staglands, the minor god Necholai finds himself stranded and unable to return home. In Serpent in the Staglands, the star of the protagonist cannot bear to be far from its origin. Players must find a way to return before Necholai is completely stripped of his immortality and divine powers.

The game is a fascinating look at the story of a god, as he struggles with the burden of mortality. It emphasizes decision making and freedom. Unlike most RPGs, there are no quest markers or concrete guides telling players what to do next. Rather, Necholai has to make difficult choices on his own, knowing that he is getting weaker every day.

7 Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis Review Strife

Darksiders Genesis is a prequel derived from the popular Darksiders series, this time allowing players to control Strife for the first time in the franchise. Players can also control War, another Horseman of the Apocalypse. The couple must make their way through the treacherous dungeons and caves of hell to restore the balance that Lucifer is trying to upset.

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Although they are not technically gods, the Four Horsemen could just as easily be considered divine beings since they play an important role in the fate of the world. This is also how we see them in Genesis, as the two playable characters, War and Strife, must work together to defeat the demons who are getting stronger and stronger because of the Demon King. It’s an interesting twist on the concept of the Cavaliers, who in this case are actually trying to save the world instead of destroying it.

6 God of the war

God Of War Kratos Atreus Difficulty

The last playable opus of the God of the war The series follows Kratos and his son Atreus, as the two overcome dangerous realms to make Faye’s last wish come true. It draws on both Greek and Nordic mythologies to tell the story of some of the God of the warthe most tragic characters. These characters are often gods themselves who have grown weary of the endless cycles of murder and violence that are common among celestial beings.

On the surface, God of the war is the story of a detached father and his child who mourn the loss of their loving wife and caring mother. However, the game’s brilliant reimagining of Norse and Greek mythologies provides a complex overall narrative that adds to the franchise’s rich lore. Players familiar with previous titles in the series will particularly understand the gravity of the changes Kratos, the titular god of war, has undergone. It’s a raw look at divinity and vulnerability, and an exploration of a fascinating world inspired by a combination of mythologies.

5 Underworld

From the Hades launch animated trailer

Underworld is a roguelike dungeon robot that offers players a ton of things to do as Zagreus, the son of the god of the Underworld. The player must attempt to escape the Underworld again and again to discover new information about himself and become strong enough to successfully reach Mount Olympus.

This roguelike game uses recognizable characters from Greek mythology like Persephone, Athena, Chronos, etc. Zagreus often has to interact with these characters in some way, either working with them or defeating them to improve his chances of escaping. The protagonist’s story itself is an interesting take on the complicated relationships the gods often find themselves in. Players will be prepared to die multiple times as Zagreus learns about the fascinating stories of the gods and creatures around him, including details of his own intricate past. .

4 Okami

Okami HD

In Okami, players control the Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu, who has taken on the form of a white wolf. She must embark on a difficult quest to save the world of Nippon from the tyrannical eight-headed demon, Orochi. The game highlights the use of ink powers, allowing players to use the limited resource for combat and interactions with the environment.

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OkamiSumi-e’s art style and cel-shaded world provide the perfect setting for her Japanese-inspired characters and stories. It’s an engrossing game that takes players from one magical place to another, each one containing crucial parts of its stories about Asian gods and mythological creatures. From woodland sprites to mountain worshipers, there are a multitude of fascinating characters for the Sun Goddess to meet and defeat throughout the game.

3 Hit

Players are immersed in the battlefield of the gods in the popular free-to-play action game, Hit. MOBA allows players to choose their own deities and form teams to engage in epic PVP battles where the goal is to demolish their opponents’ “fountain”. The game draws inspiration from Egyptian, Greek, Norse and other mythologies to offer players a wide range of playable characters.

Hit Allows players to dominate the arena with divine powers, from Zeus’ lightning bolts to Sun Wukong’s illusions. It’s a fiercely competitive game of skill and strategy, where players must master the special abilities of their gods and work together to defeat the other team. With over 100 gods to choose from, players can choose their favorite mythologies and select characters based on their playstyle.

2 Too human

Too human

Too human takes place in the distant future, where the Norse gods are the cybernetic protectors of humanity. Players control the Norse god Baldur, who is ridiculed by other deities for not being cybernetic enough or being “too human.” Along with the other gods, players must stop the onslaught of war machines sent by Loki to destroy humanity.

Although this is an older title that has been embroiled in controversy, it’s worth delving into Too humanexciting world. His unique combination of celestial beings and technology is the origin of his compelling story, which is both an epic tale of war and survival and a more intimate look at Baldur’s identity and vulnerabilities.

1 asura’s fury

Asura Promotional Art, Asura's Wrath (2012)

asura’s fury follows the story of the main character, Asura, who is a demigod who wants to destroy the pantheon, which is home to one of the greatest bosses of video games ever. The protagonist’s rage is portrayed through an episodic anime-style story, where the characters must defeat other deities in classic beat ’em up style fights.

The game is inspired by Buddhist and Hindu mythology to build the stories and motivations of its characters. Aside from Asura, the game features gods like Mithras, Deus, and the gigantic overpowered boss, Wyzen. Its blazingly fast gameplay and cutscenes can keep players glued to their consoles for hours.

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