6 Restaurant Chains That Deserve Their Own Video Game

Remember when Burger King sold video games with their value meals in 2006? Yeah. It wasn’t some fever dream you made up in your head. This games to exist. There was even a title called Sneak King (Get it? Sneak-king? Oh, BK, you rascals!). Sneak King lets players control the creepy AF Burger King mascot and stealthily hunt down unsuspecting civilians with his juicy burgers.

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Yet games like Sneak King are considered advertising games or games produced to advertise another product. These are low-budget titles meant to appeal to an audience more than anything else. But what if restaurant chains like McDonald’s, Olive Garden, or Taco Bell have partnered with Triple-A Development Studios to create high-quality playable games? Well, I have food for thought.


6/6 panera bread

panera bread is one of those sensitive and free channels. You can accompany your garden salad with a hearty chicken noodle soup. Or you can put this chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl and experience Carb-Nirvana. Either way, you’ll probably come away somewhat satisfied that you ordered Panera Bread.

I can’t put my finger on it, but Panera gives off hipster vibes. It’s like the Starbucks version of a cafeteria. And unlike Pret-A-Manger, it’s always good. If Panera Bread made a Triple-A game, I imagine that would be too cool for school. He wouldn’t have to make any effort. I’m thinking of a Match-3 game that makes you think you’re playing something more sophisticated than a Match-3 game. I know, Match-3 but with more infinity scarves!

5/6 The cheesecake factory

For a restaurant with cheesecake in the name, The cheesecake factory serves more than just dessert! Last time I went my best friend and I must have spent half an hour browsing the huge menu. Finally, I ordered the Pizza-Style Chicken Parmesan an opulent dish of Fettucine Alfredo plated on a circularly flattened chicken cutlet with melted Parmesan cheese and a generous helping of marinara sauce. The Cheesecake Factory is many things. Subtle is not one of them.

So what would a Cheesecake Factory video game look like? Maybe an adventure game where the hero runs through giant versions of every menu item. You know, like Horizon Zero Dawn, but with more food comas. Imagine sailing through a river of mashed potatoes or jumping from slider to slider on a gigantic plate. Or imagine hunting a wild pack of Baja Chicken Tacos. Ugh, I’m drooling while we talk.

4/6 olive garden

Here’s a fun fact about me: I waited for tables in Times Square olive garden for five years. During this period, I made enough salads to fill a small house and ate my weight in breadsticks. Honestly, however, that’s not what I took away from this experience.

Restaurant life is so unique. There are dirty jokes, swear words, juicy gossip, and heated backstage confrontations that would never fly in a typical office space. But you will also work with some of the strongest, kindest, smartest and most exciting people you will meet in your life. I despised the service in the restaurant, but I loved my OG team. They are an integral part of who I am today.

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So I would break the fourth wall of my Triple-A game based on Olive Garden. I want players to experience what it’s like to work a fourteen hour shift with barely any breaks relying on your courage and determination. However, I also want players to see what it’s like to bond with strangers who become family in the greatest city in the world. (And I don’t care what the critics say, it’s fine still be the greatest.)

I want a restaurant sim that doubles as a visual novel/life sim, like Burger Time but with more bars between shifts.

3/6 Taco Bell

Oh, Taco Bell: America’s favorite drunk food. This string probably makes the most sense of anything on this list. After all, Gen Y/Gen-Z gamers who stay up until 2 a.m. make up a significant portion of its target demographic.

I think the Taco Bell video game should be an online FPS where players are looking for the rare Mexican pizza. Imagine a Halo-Capture-The-Flag vibe, but with more nostalgia. You could even replace deadly weapons with cannons that shoot Cinnabon Delights! However, I believe it is prohibited to include the culturally offensive chihuahua mascot. It’s 2022, after all, not 1997.

2/6 Dunkin’ Donuts

America is running on Dunkin’, and so am I. Some snobs think Dunkin’ is a low class cafe. But I don’t care. I love my iced coffee with extra hits of Girl Scout Thin Mint flavor swirls. What about breakfast sandwiches? BALL! When I lived in Brooklyn, my neighborhood had a Dunkin’ Donuts and a Starbucks on the same block, and I almost always chose Dunkin’ for breakfast.

I think the Dunkin’ Donuts video game should take its slogan to heart. Let players participate in running races while carrying hot coffee and donuts to their next business meeting. In other words, like Mario Kart, but with more of a white-collar pencil-pusher vibe – and maybe more searing coffee burns.

1/6 McDonald’s

Does it make sense to market a Triple-A game featuring the world’s most popular fast food company to kids and teens? Probably not. Will McDonald’s get there based on perseverance? I wouldn’t be surprised. Plus, with the sheer number of memorable characters, like Grimace, the Hamburglar, and Ronald McDonald, there’s plenty of IP to source for the project.

I could see the McDonald’s game playing out in two ways: a 3D battle royale or a 2D platform fighter. Either way, it will be free with predatory premium content that will drain the wallets of many gamers. But, hey, even if you’re broke, you can still afford to eat from Mickey D’s economy menu.

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