49 Indie Games You Should Add To Your Wishlist

A warrior holds a sword in Batora Lost Haven key art.

Image: Storm mind games

The video game marketing season is an exercise in duality. For each State of Sony Where Geoff Keigh3there is a lower key event—developer day, say, or a Devolver Digital storefront. Today’s big event is the annual Guerrilla Collective Live Stream.

Now in its third year, the Guerrilla Collective has now established a familiar cadence, churning through 90 minutes of news and revealing under-the-radar games. It’s a refreshing antidote to the endless parade of sci-fi horror games presented to the biggest pressers. Here’s everything that was shown at Guerrilla Collective 2022:

  • Well, first of all, it opened up with the hosts making a joke about not having to wear masks anymore. Needless to say, this pandemic is still ongoing. Please wear a mask!
  • From space is an isometric cooperative shooter about fighting an alien invasion. Released later this year.
Teenagers stand tall in I Was A Teenage Exocolonist.

I was an exocolonist teenager.
Screenshot: Northway Games

  • I was an exocolonist teenager is exactly what it sounds like: an adventure game in which you are a teenager who, alongside other teenagers, bets on an exolplanet. Beautiful picture book art style. Released August 25.
  • Ugly uses a dual domain perspective The way, except twice as scary and two-thirds as dimensional. (It’s a 2D platformer.)
  • The first person astronaut shooter Border is getting a beta this summer.
  • Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms is an isometric fantasy role-playing game.
  • Alright, I guess even indie events aren’t immune to sci-fi space horror games. Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle at least it looks like it’s folding Mass Effect– inspired spatial magic abilities.
  • Confirmed: Indie Events have plenty of horror games. Signalis is wonderfully low-poly, which means hey, maybe I can play it.
  • Gravewood High is a first-person platformer about trying not to get caught by a towering figure. Playable cooperatively or competitively, and currently in Early Access on Steam. Seems a little scary.
  • Madison is a first-person psychological horror game where you wander through rusty bathrooms and abandoned churches. You’re accompanied by a Polaroid camera, and there seems to be some sort of interdimensional hijinks at play. Doorbells ring without explanation. Absolutely a little scary. Released July 8.
  • First-person psychological horror game The fridge is red currently has a live demo on Steam now.
  • I’m extremely here for the painful music and East Berlin vibes of Industry, a first-person shooter in which you fight robots. Available now for next-gen consoles and PCs.
  • Phew! Out of the Horror Woods. South of the circle is a startlingly beautiful adventure game about power, memory and the “promises we make in life”.
  • Five years after the release of the survival game This war of minethe developers have released a “final cut” editionadding new content to the game.
  • The last worker is a first-person narrative adventure game about the inevitable decline of capitalism in the face of rising automation. It stars Jason Isaacs and releases this year on consoles and VR. There are some neat comic-inspired visuals, which should be interesting in VR.
  • Doja Cat may want EA to remaster Tricky SSXbut Slopecrashers– an arcade snowboarding game that lets you shred like farm animals – could be all we’ll have in the snowboarding games genre for the foreseeable future. It has a demo now.
Four monsters fight in Cassette Beasts.

Beasts tape.
Screenshot: raw fury

  • The latest entry into the burgeoning field of Pokemon-I like it Beasts tapewho blew Kotaku‘s brain when it was first announced last fall. No new info today, unfortunately.
  • Hitman is a side-scrolling action game coming out this summer on Switch and Xbox. It’s cooperative, yeah.
  • Right now the only thing people want to know about beat-em-up TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is “give me give me give me”. It will be released on June 16 and will feature six-player co-op.
  • Skald: Against the Black Priory is a fantasy pixel art role-playing game coming to PC at some point. Big Ultimate atmosphere here.
  • The pixel art action game BATS: Bloodsuckers Counter Terrorism Squad is getting a physical release for PS4 and Switch.
  • They said it was impossible, but they did it anyway. Yes, Arkanoid gets a modernized remake. It’s coming out in October and will feature – sit down for it – a battle royale mode.
  • In Nine years of shadows, a side-scrolling fantasy action platformer, you become a magical teddy bear’s best friend. Ancient castles. Giant monsters. Various armors that grant you different elemental abilities.
  • Fight Quest is a turn-based role-playing game about wrestling that features real-life wrestling icons.
  • Zeoti is a roguelike based on the most classic game of all: poker. Various skills are tied to various hands; a full house will be more powerful than two pair, but you will have less chance of hitting. Seems, if nothing else, like nothing else I’ve played.
  • Sizzle Reel! Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess, Living by the tactic of the sword, Necroboy: Path the Evil Ship. All this has passed too quickly to have an idea of ​​what they are.
  • Alterium Change is a turn-based fantasy RPG with a very obvious old school Final Fantasy inspiration.
  • Greed is a turn-based fantasy RPG with no obvious Final Fantasy references. Lots of metal music, and most of the enemies seemed to be shirtless dudes with bulging eyes.
  • Bring on the tactical games. Key locker is a sci-fi tactical game with 80s vibes (aka a synth-heavy soundtrack). It takes place in a robot factory where music is banned and features beat-based cyberpunk hacking.
  • Warring Kingdoms. Grid based tactics. Delicious pixel art. symphony of war is clearly inspired by fire emblem. It is now available on PC.
  • Batora: Lost Refuge is a narrative game about travel between planets. It mixes hack-and-slash action with twin-stick shooting, and will be released this fall for consoles, PC, and Switch.
  • Asterigos: The Curse of the Stars is a third-person RPG that, based on the combat footage shown today, appears to be another game in the motorcade of soulslove. Out in the fall.
  • XEL is a third-person action game with vivid, poppy visuals, slated for a summer release. The thing ? You can switch between the past and the future and must use this mechanism to solve environmental puzzles.
  • In third person roguelike Spells and Secrets, you are a student in a university of magic. It’s coming to Switch and PC.
  • A cat and a fish are probably best friends in cooperative action gaming River Tails: Stronger Together. Recalls FromSoftware’s cult PlayStation 2 co-op favorite The Adventures of Cookie & Cream. This is intended for consoles and Switch.
  • Many games are about collecting creatures. But in Ikonei Islandyou become creatures, using their powers to fight, explore, and all the other things you do in third-person games. There are also base building elements and a multiplayer mode planned for the sequel. The beta will launch on Steam on June 17.
  • Time on Frog Island is a sandbox game in which you get shipwrecked on an island. July 12 for consoles, PC and Switch.
  • As if one frog game wasn’t enough, there’s frog rifle, a third-person platformer that feels like a throwback to the era of mascot platformers. You play as a child on a treasure hunt, accompanied by a frog which is also a grappling hook. Very colorful and upbeat.
  • i am future is perhaps the most brilliant post-apocalyptic game this side of Biomutant. It’s a survival crafting game, with an isometric perspective, and it released on Steam this year.
  • flat eye is a strategy management game where you build and oversee a robot factory that’s also a futuristic hospital. The narrator looks friendly, but a little too friendly, so my feeling is that there is more than meets the eye here.
  • Garden inside! is an organization game in which you decorate unique rooms, all viewed isometrically.
  • Death Stranding was not just a tour de force. It was also the genesis of a new genre. witch strandings is an independent version, which will be released on July 7, 2022 on PC.
  • Monsters hatch is a top-down pixel art game that combines resource hunting from animal crossing with the exploration of dungeons of The Legend of Zelda. It features co-op adventures and will be released for Switch and Steam on August 25, 2022.
A child swings on a plant in The Cub.

The little.
Screenshot: Demagog Studios

  • The little is a Limbo-like platformer set on a post-apocalyptic Earth that saw its citizens abandon the planet for Mars. There is a demo on Steam right now.
  • Mira: The Legend of the Djinns is a side-scrolling action game with challenging boss fights. It looks like a quintessential metroidvania, and is due out in 2023.
  • The survival game Rain World receives five new “slug cats”, its player characters, via the next Downpour expansion.
  • The minimalist racing game ExoOne is coming to PlayStation later this year. The quoted trailer Kotakuthe initial writing of.
  • Shakingo is a photographic exploration game that doubles as a crash course in learning Japanese. It’s coming to PC and Switch.

Guerrilla Collective reinforced this Ian noted the other night: that events focused on indie games so often eclipse bigger budget fare. Really, so many games shown off today look so good. It’s a testament to the artistry of video games and how, at this point, it’s at an all-time high. It’s also just a handful of words; Guerrilla Collective will accommodate a second showcase Monday, June 13 at 4 p.m. ET.