14 Year Old Jewel – CBS Boston

(MARE) – Jewel is a caring girl of Caucasian descent. Jewel is very intelligent and is successful in all of her classes at school. She enjoys reading, doing puzzles and playing computer games. Jewel also enjoys staying active and being outdoors. She enjoys cycling, playing sports and doing gymnastics for fun. Jewel is also artistic and enjoys listening to music and creating art.

Jewel is legally released for adoption and would like to join a caring family who can support her. Jewel will do the best in a family that offers her structure and routine. She wants a place where she can feel safe and participate in fun activities with her family. It is important for Jewel to maintain contact with her grandparents and brother. Jewel will do well in a family of any constellation with children older than her in the home or no children in the home.

For more information you can contact MARE: 617-964-MARE (6273) or visit www.mareinc.org.

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