10 video games that should have a crossover with another series

Crossovers, the combining of two different franchises into one story, are irresistible nectar for media fans. Crossovers were first officially seen in the mid-1970s as stories between Marvel and DC Comics’ most popular superheroes.

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Video games have been slow to adopt crossovers, aside from Nintendo and Sega who have released cameos of their mascot characters in unrelated games. In the mid-1990s, Nintendo introduced its popular fighting game, Super Smash Bros. SSB took on the implied form of a child pulling toys out of their toy box to create fantasy battles between Nintendo behemoths. Sega and Nintendo have struck a deal in time for the 2008 Olympics to co-produce the first of Sonic and Mario at the Olympics series, which continues today. Video game crossovers can be hard to find, but a little imagination can produce some fantastic possibilities.

ten Untitled Goose Game and Titled Cat Game

A goose still from Untitled Goose Game

The exploration game Little kitty, big citywith its mysterious release date of “Cats Don’t Have Deadlines”, was announced in 2021. It joins a subgenre of animal simulation puzzle games, including the artistically similar 2019 puzzler Untitled Game of Goose by House House.

When an adorable kitten meets an ugly goose, the animal chaos would definitely spread! Freeing the goose from its mission-based exploration could lead to a reign of urban terror. Kitten missions could add cuteness to a charming English village. Screenshots and memes would certainly proliferate. In any case, the Internet will never be the same again.

9 Them’s Fightin’ Herds adds color and weirdness to fights

Them's Fightin Herds showing gameplay

They fight against the herds was released in 2020 as an original fighting game with art by designer Lauren Faust. From a fan game project of the Faust animated series My friendship with my little pony is magic, TFH has robust fighting game mechanics.

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With tight controls and solid game mechanics, They fight against the herds could make for an interesting crossover with some serious fighters. the street fighter series, with Street Fighter VI to come, gave its campy roots a sheen of professionalism and polish while keeping its silly premise to heart. herds could also easily cross with Super Smash Bros. in a campy game of outlandish hits and wacky props. The possibilities are as endless as herds is colored.

8 Shovel Knight and the Obvious Move

Shovel Knight Development Corporation

shovel knight, the indie darling of 2014, launched Yacht Club Games, then a small publisher, to mainstream success. The Yacht Club’s retro offerings continue to expand year after year, but shovel knight remains an eternal bestseller. It was even the first indie game to get its own Amiibo when it was ported to Nintendo Wii U in 2015. Its spin-off pocket puzzle game was released to keep fans happy while waiting for another installment.

With shovel knight‘s association with Nintendo platforms offers the opportunity for a crossover as bizarre as the game itself: Capcom’s 1989 classic duck tales! shovel knight and duck tales share the gameplay mechanic of the main character using her iconic item as an unlikely weapon and a pogo stick, and after defeating the Enchantress.

7 Skies of Arcadia and the Flying Fleet

Vyse ready to fight in Skies of Arcadia

Sega’s beloved dark horse RPG from the early 2000s Arcadian sky (Eternal Arcadia in Japan) has had surprisingly little love from its publisher over the years. Beyond intra-company cross-play Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed and appearances in Chronicles of Valkyria, the game has practically disappeared. This comes despite being headlined by Rieko Kodama, one of the main developers of phantom star.

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Arcadian sky deserves a chance to shine again. Its best crossover potential is with a game released the same week: Final Fantasy IX. Both games share a love of airborne swashbuckling with their signature airships. Skies is a love letter to classic RPG gameplay and would be completely at home traversing the Final Fantasy franchise with a heroic team from the Blue Rogues and Zidane’s crew. There’s nothing complicated about this idea of ​​crossbreeding, it’s just two great tastes that taste great together.

6 Mega Man gets a Chozo upgrade

Metroid Dread Samus Aran hanging from a ledge.

There are few video games more iconic than the mega man series. the original mega man debuted on the Famicom on December 17, 1987, and on the NES only twelve days later. Famous for its high difficulty enhanced by a clever rock-paper-scissors design, the mega man the series exploded in popularity with Mega Man 2 one year later.

Crossing mega man with metroid combines two franchises with an emphasis on exploration and a high degree of difficulty. Both games have charismatic heroes with cannon weapons that are icons of the gaming world. Both have recent releases on Nintendo’s flagship Switch console.

5 Kid Icarus and Super Mario Bros. merge two first classics

Kid Icarus key art on NES

The convergence of vertical scrolling game mechanics between Child Icarus and Super Mario Bros. has intrigued fans of both series for decades. Child Icarus and Super Mario Bros. were both action games introduced for the NES during the first year of its North American release. Child Icarus was a contemporary of Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan and was designed for the brand new Famicom Disk System.

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Challenging and captivating Child Icarus represents a fascinating road that hasn’t been taken for Nintendo’s gaming efforts. Its mythological themes and brisk pacing are an interesting alternative to its more famous counterpart. Maybe even Wart, the long-lost king of Subcon, could join the fight.

4 The Legend of Zelda Gets a Golden Ax

1991 from Sega Golden Ax Warrior applied a layer of Golden axe paint for The Legend of Zeldagame mechanics. The result is a playable but obscure clone of the 1986 NES classic. It was discontinued in 1992 due to the end of production of the Master System game. It never saw a Japanese release despite the role-playing games being immensely popular in Japan.

However, a clone of another game does not make a crossover. Copying Zelda’s game mechanics is one thing, but bringing two similar classic video game franchises together can be tricky. A mighty barbarian fighting across Hyrule alongside the slender elf? It could happen!

3 The Final Fight and Streets Of Rage Bring The 90s Back For Another Ride

These two ’90s brawler franchises were mainstays of their respective platforms from 1991 to 1994. The cornerstone of Capcom’s experience with the arcade brawler genre, final fight rewarded the wise player. Not to be outdone, Sega introduced streets of anger, a classic in its own right that redefined its genre with great gameplay and smooth Genesis sounds. Despite their popularity, the two franchises have never met.

With the 2020 release of DotEmu’s Streets of rage 4, this series is back, and with it the idea of ​​uniting these two legendary brawling franchises. A lot has changed, but there’s still a lot left in the world of video game fighting.

2 Bring Wonder Boy to Adventure Island

Modern Wonder Boy Franchise

Once upon a time there was a series of games called wonder boy, and it split in two. Half the series went to Hudson Soft and became the adventure island franchise. The other got a sword and sorcery makeover. Add magical transformations into animals, and the wonder boy series as we know it was born.

We are now out of the era of strict platform separation, and it may be time for the two franchises to reconcile. The first game and the adventure island bring speed and resource-based gameplay. Sega’s follow-ups add clever platforming and RPG elements. The two together are more than the sum of their parts.

1 Pathfinder your way to Baldur’s Gate

This cross could be with one of the many Based on Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games available on the PC platform. Scout and Dungeons & Dragons are like distant sisters. Born from the same parents, the two games are natural matches for a crossover.

While official licensing might create problems for such crossover, it’s crossover that has definitely happened, at least among tabletop gamers. critical role is the most famous game that started in Scout but moved to Dungeons & Dragons, but the movement has been in both directions over the years. Tabletop RPG gamers regularly port the rules they like from game to game, so hundreds of people have probably played a homebrew crossover between these two games.


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