10 video games that missed the money

Video games are such vast and expansive works of art that most of them lack a single, defining image, but that doesn’t mean they don’t promise iconic moments that etch themselves into our lives. memories forever.

A silver shot can become an emblem of the game itself – think Sephiroth stabbing Aerith in Final Fantasy VII, Joel taking Ellie away at the end of The Last of Us, or John Marston coming out of the barn in the heyday of Red Dead Redemption.

Yet sometimes, for whatever reason, developers decide to deprive players of a sculptural visual and let them conjure it up in their own minds instead.

Maybe there were some technical issues during development, maybe some controversy caused the stages to be reworked at the last minute, or it’s just the devs having a little fun at the expense of the player.

Whatever the reason, these video games failed to deliver the expected bang for the buck, which has left many fans frustrated ever since, though some could see the fun side of it all.

For better or worse, you had to fill in the visual blanks for those gameplay moments yourself…

Metal Gear Solid 2 ends with Arsenal Gear, a gigantic submersible mobile fortress, washing aground and crashing into Manhattan, though Hideo Kojima’s original vision for this sequence is considerably more epic and destructive.

In addition to showing more extensive carnage as Arsenal Gear drives through Manhattan, the scene was also meant to feature the vehicle flipping the Statue of Liberty and pushing it onto Ellis Island.

Yet less than two months before the game’s release, the 9/11 attacks took place, so Kojima and his team had to act quickly in order to mitigate the game’s inevitably premature depiction of a destructive act of terrorism in New York City. .

While Kojima certainly made the right decision for the time, it’s a shame the full footage was never restored in a Director’s Cut of the game, because based on the brief snippets Konami has revealed thus far, it seems like a lot of effort has gone into it. in it.