10 Video Games That Make You Feel Like Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme often has a tough job ahead of him. They are the only defense that prevents the metaphysical world from attacking the physical world. They wield an immense amount of power to compensate for this and are actually superhero mages in the Marvel Universe.

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With Multiverse of Madness Already in theaters, fans can once again witness the magnitude of the conflicts the Sorcerer Supreme faces. But what if fans want to experience what it’s like to be Doctor Strange? It’s a tall order, but there are games out there that provide players with powerful mage arts and the need to use them properly.

ten Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning allows the player to become the leader of a Mages Guild

After being revived in the world of Amalur, players take on the role of the Fateless One, someone cut from the unbreakable web of Amalur’s fate. Boasting the ability to use the energy of Fate itself, the Fateless One’s purpose is to battle and defeat the Tuatha Deohn, an immortal fae waging war on all mortals.

Although this is the main story, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning features several secondary factions that the player can join. As a member of the Scholia Arcana, the Fateless One can become the most powerful mage on the continent, while seeking superior knowledge in the arcane arts.

Nowadays, Marvel vs. Capcom is still the best superhero fighting game series. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 allows players to become Dr. Strange himself. Marvel vs. Capcom is a three-on-three experience, but it presents a massive roster of playable characters to players.

Fans can create a team of other Avengers like Iron Man and Thor, if they want. Or, they can take the path of mystical characters, such as Ghost Rider. Serious comic book fans might even team up with Defenders, like the Hulk.

8 Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Asks Dr Strange to Save Kang’s Timestream

While the original Lego set had Marvel’s heroes battling Galactus, the sequel has them wage war on the time-traveling Kang the Conqueror. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 has a massive roster, but Dr. Strange plays a major role in the game.

Thanks to the massive popularity of the movie franchise in 2017, Lego Doctor Strange looks just like its MCU counterpart. One of its key moments involves visiting the Sanctum Sanctorum and battling one of its oldest enemies, Baron Mordo, allowing players to re-enact events similar to those in the MCU films.

seven Dragon’s Dogma allows the player to become different classes of mages

the dogma of the dragon was Capcom’s last attempt at an open-world action-RPG that didn’t have the words “monster hunter” inside. And even if the game was not a bestseller, it became legendary thanks to its battles.

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As Arisen, the player’s goal is to kill the dragon Grigori. However, there are deeper mysteries that involve the very nature of their world. Mystical options for the dogma of the dragon are varied – the player can face the Mage, Mystic Knight or Magic Archer class to save the world with the power of their spells and feel like a superhero doing it.

6 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Has Dr. Strange Fighting Thanos

The Ultimate Marvel Alliance the series is known for making massive players work together to combat threats to the Marvel Universe. The series has always been an overlooked gem, with Ultimate Alliance 3 being one of the best. Here, the Marvel heroes face off against the forces of Thanos, who aims to collect all of the Infinity Stones.

The gems are scattered through space by Star Lord, and it’s up to the Avengers, Guardians, and others to collect them before the Black Order can acquire them. However, people who love Doctor Strange might not be such big fans after having to fight him in a boss fight.

5 Dragon Age: Inquisition is all about bridging the gaps between reality and the Magic Kingdom

Dragon Age: Inquisition puts the protagonist in the role of the Inquisitor, someone with the uncanny power to close the rifts that have connected the living world to the Fade. Because the Fade is the world of demons and spirits, closing the rifts and the breach that caused them becomes a top priority.

The Inquisitor’s power causes an entire order to be built around them, known as the Inquisition. Even though Dragon Age: Inquisition is an open-world RPG, the player is free to choose the class of his choice. It is quite easy for players to become a mage, and later a warrior mage for their battles, granting them powers like a sword made from their magical energy.

4 Spellbreak allows mages to fight other mages

People don’t always want to be a wizard for a big story. Sometimes they just want to fight other people with the power of cool magic spells. spell break is the perfect title for it. Developed by the Proletariat, spell break is a battle royale title centered around magical powers.

Each player has a special gauntlet that grants them a different elemental ability to rely on. But they also have access to “runes” that grant powers like teleportation. Additionally, players can obtain more powerful versions of their spells by combining magic from other gauntlets.

3 Ghostwire: Tokyo Challenges Its Protagonist to Fight Demons to Save Tokyo

When a man with the power to summon spirits appears in Shibuya, it falls to a spirit-possessed boy himself to protect mankind. This is the idea behind Ghostwire: Tokyo, with protagonist Akito quickly learning to master a new set of powers to fight against an evil wizard named Hannya.

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Like Dr. Strange, many of Akito’s special abilities are activated using special hand movements. He can also be a direct combatant, something Dr. Strange often turns to when his battles require close combat.

2 Marvel’s Midnight Suns Pitches Its Core Heroes Against a Magical Menace

A mystical turn-based RPG from the creators of XCOM, Marvel’s Midnight Suns was supposed to be on the shelves already. But a delay pushed the game back later in the year. Still, there are few games that aim to capture the magical corner experience of the Marvel Universe quite like this.

The main protagonist is The Hunter, who has come back to life to fight against his mother, Lilith. However, The Hunter isn’t the game’s only protagonist – a collection of thirteen different heroes, including the Sorcerer Supreme, will aid The Hunter’s mission.

1 The hero of Control fights beings outside of reality

Developer Remedy Entertainment Control is surprisingly similar to the world of Dr Strange. There will be no overdone costumes or superheroes appearing in Control but Jesse Faden – the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control, – is in a position much like the Sorcerer Supreme.

Jesse Faden is placed in a position of power and charged with protecting reality from the Hiss, a group of beings outside of reality. Luckily for Jesse, she has access to Objects of Power, which grants her a variety of abilities to aid her in her new job as Headmistress.

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