10 most stressful video games

Video games are a recreational pastime. People play them to relax, unwind and get away from it all. Some games go out of their way to facilitate this. For instance, animal crossingg is a notoriously understated game, allowing players to retreat to a joyous paradise. Stardew Valley is similar, allowing players to escape to a simpler life.

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Some games go completely the opposite. They are not only difficult; they are stressful. Their gameplay is designed to put pressure on players, so they must strive to keep up. This can lead to great catharsis as players overcome a challenge against the odds. However, some games are infamous among gamers for their simple stress factor.

10/10 Overcooked Makes Restaurant Chaos Fun

The restaurant industry is notorious for being stressful. It requires time management, coordination with others and dealing with the public. Overcooked turns it into a multiplayer game. Players receive orders, must prepare ingredients individually, and then serve meals.

Players also have to complete tasks such as washing dishes and dealing with obstacles such as cars. Playing Overcooked is a particularly stressful experience, with each level introducing new ways to freak players out. However, the short duration of each round works in the game’s favor. Players get a quick burst of stress, then a period of relaxation and fun afterwards.

9/10 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Increases Horror Stress

Horror games want to inflict a lot of emotions on their players. They are designed to scare. However, many also seek to disgust, shake and challenge their players. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard succeeds in all of this. It plays all the stressful aspects of the franchise to the hilt, with a few additions of its own.

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The first-person perspective makes the game more intimate and the player more vulnerable. It contains classic survival horror staples, like limited resources that the player must conserve throughout the game. On top of all that, it has nightmarish scares around every corner and some tough combat to boot. Resident Evil 7 pushes players to the brink, especially in sections like the Old House.

8/10 Call Of Duty: Warzone Requires Constant Vigilance

The Battle Royale genre is designed to be stressful. Most battle royale games emphasize survival above all else. Players often only have one life, losing everything if they fall. games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite challenge players to succeed and heavily punish missteps.

However, none are as stressful as Call of Duty: Warzone. The main reason is the Call of Duty the franchise’s short time to kill. Players can, for most of the game, be instantly dropped if caught off guard. Even on offense, it’s not without stress, as players must make their shots count or risk dying when the enemy fires back.

7/10 Don’t Starve is a constant survival challenge

Survival games, by their very nature, stress players out. There is little challenge in a survival game where players can settle in the early days. Instead, they force players to contend with limited resources as they hunt for whatever they can. don’t starveand its multiplayer version, Don’t starve togetherare masterpieces in this regard.

From the start of the game, players have to deal with the cruel nature of the Constant. It will take a long time for them to have enough food, weapons, or even basic building materials. Recurring dog attacks and the changing threats of the seasons ensure players can never relax in don’t starve.

6/10 Sekiro’s fight punishes any form of complacency

FromSoftware games are famous for their difficulty. dark souls, transmitted by bloodand Ring of Elden, are all known for difficult players. However, no one does it as stressful as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. sekiro uses a unique combat system. Enemy health bars are a secondary concern. The most important thing is to break their posture.

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To this end, players must fight in a particular way. The central art of sekiro the fight is a steady rhythm of parries and counter-attacks that is not easy to learn. If players push the attack too hard or not hard enough, they will be severely punished. Bosses like Sword Saint Isshin are known for their stress and zest for life.

5/10 Civilization is a non-stop competition

Strategy games don’t seem stressful to many. These are very slow and deliberate matters, which can take several hours. However, this translates into their very particular type of stress. They usually avoid sharp, instantaneous panic. Instead, a game of Civilization takes on a slower-burning, long-term form of stress.

Players are in constant competition with every other player in the game. Even when forming alliances, they must try to stay ahead of their competition in every way possible. It’s a complex balancing act, and it’s easy to get it wrong. A player can often see a crisis – be it military, financial or diplomatic – coming long before it strikes, and must try desperately to avoid it.

4/10 Fall Guys Only Lets One Player Win

fall guys is based on funny and comedic game shows like Takeshi Castle and Annihilate. It’s still entertaining and comical to play, but it comes with a lot of stress. The main reason for this is the structure of the game. Only one player can win a game of fall guysand dozens try.

Players are just one of many, trying to survive through multiple waves of minigames. They barely have a second to relax between rounds. Throughout a match, they must demonstrate considerable skills unique to each mini-game. Fierce competition – and the culture of sabotage that surrounds it – are responsible for fall guys‘ reputation as a thrill ride.

3/10 Mario Kart is a frantic race to the finish

mario go-kart is well known and loved around the world as an ideal board game. It is also well known and appreciated for creating fierce and passionate competition among friends. Its excellent driving mechanics combine with intricate racing tracks and wicked offensive elements to create competition that never feels safe.

Players are only one turn away, miss a shortcut, or fall after losing position. Moreover, the most advanced players never know it. Then they could be hit by lightning or a blue shell and lose everything they worked for. Tracks like Rainbow Road have been known to turn a cute driving game into a nerve-wracking fight for survival.

2/10 Darkest Dungeon literally has stress as a game mechanic

darkest dungeon wears his difficulty on his sleeve. It makes no illusions of being a friendly or easy game. On the contrary, its world is gloomy and dark, and its fights random and deadly. The best indicator of his challenge is that he uses stress as a game mechanic.

As the characters venture into the dungeons, they must manage their stress as well as their health. Taking damage, walking in the dark, and other things increase stress. When it hits the first peak, it can cause other side effects that cause things to spiral out of control. Any mission can end in disaster in darkest dungeon. Players are always safe.

1/10 Alien: Isolation Strands The player with the ultimate predator

Few things cause more stress than being chased. Adrenaline exists to keep people safe in such circumstances and triggers a fight or flight response. This is the reason why so many horror movies have protagonists being hunted by monsters. Alien: Isolation recreates one of those horror movies around the player.

It forces the player to fight against the xenomorph of Extraterrestrial celebrity. Players must complete multiple objectives throughout Alien: Isolation, but they are rarely alone. Instead, they are stalked by the xenomorph throughout. It is a relentless, adaptive and intelligent enemy of the game that makes the player’s life hell.

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