10 Fictional Sports In Video Games, Ranked By Sports Skills Required

The majority of people played at least one sport during their childhood, either at school or in some sort of fun league. Other than that, many of us have drawn the line there upon discovering an obvious lack of athletic ability, leaving most sports as a complete mystery.

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In games there have been tons of unique sports introduced over the years and there is no sugar coating, they all look incredibly challenging. Still, the average person would surely like to try out some of these fictional sports, even if they wouldn’t necessarily excel at them. There’s no shame in admitting it, I know I wouldn’t cut it in any of these sports. However, we don’t explore which sports we would be fantastic at, but rather rank them based on how well we perform. Assuming we survive the experience.


ten Quidditch – Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Although the world that makes up the Harry Potter franchise has many unique aspects and a number of great games, I really don’t think anyone normal can pull off a game of Quidditch. You fly through the air on an unprotected broomstick. Forget the bludgers, I’ll probably fall.

It’s nice to think you can move like characters in games and movies do, but a shocking number of people have never even picked up a broom, so I don’t exactly trust most people to fly with one.

9 Griffball – Halo

Considering there’s really no way to play Halo’s Grifball without absolutely decimating the team you’re playing against, I don’t think we’ll see Grifball being played anytime soon. Most people would describe it as a kind of hardcore rugby with a lot more violence.

Everyone loves when their favorite sports get a little brutal, but given that a player can literally become a “killionnaire” in a game of Grifball, I’m going to go ahead and assume that most of the humanity will be against anyone who tries the game.

8 Cartoonish Murderous Demolition Derby – Cel Damage

Sure, Twisted Metal is the perfect fit for a realistic demolition derby, but the unique and cartoonish nature of Cel Damage’s derby makes it even harder to believe anyone could do well. Imagine you’re preparing to punch some fools only to be immediately hit by a freeze ray and harpooned across the map.

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Even if you managed to dive in and search for weapons, we’d all likely end up falling into a cartoon black hole, something that would swallow our hopes of succeeding in marking the world of demolition derbies.

seven Terror is Reality – Dead Rising 2

Sure, Terror Is Reality is technically a competitive show, but it’s often treated more like a sport than a general competition. Some people might be able to see some success in a sport like this, if they can get over having to take down zombies that were once living people.

Yes, for anyone to thrive in Terror Is Reality, they have to be both great on a motorcycle and probably one of the most depraved people on the planet. Humans can suck, but I’m going to give the world the benefit of the doubt and say 99% of people wouldn’t cut it in Terror Is Reality.

6 Pod-Racing – Star Wars Episode 1: Racer

With Pod-Racing considered one of the most dangerous sports in Star Wars lore, it may be shocking to see it so far down this list. The thing is, for how many bad pilots there are, there are just as many amazing pilots.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see top stuntmen find great success with something like Pod-Racing. Sure, they should avoid a general outburst and other riders sabotaging them, but I think that’s something that could work with the right people involved.

5 Blitzball – Final Fantasy X

Anyone who can be decent at Blitzball somehow depends on humanity finding a way to play the water-based game in the first place. If we cleared that hurdle, it’s actually a game that I think the average person would enjoy playing.

Imagine it; you make a big play and score the winning goal hoping to hear a huge explosion of cheers, but instead the only one present is Tidus who laughs to cheer you on. Sounds like living the dream to me.

4 Rocket Car Soccer – Rocket League

In another case, if humanity actually found out, that would be great, I actually think people would be great at Rocket League. It can be horribly dangerous, and people can often be poor drivers, but that’s kind of the point.

Stunt pilots would probably have a field day with the game, but I think it would be a lot more fun if only the average person could compete. Someone who’s had a license for years but still hits the curbs would be great to watch as they try to put a ball into a net with that same car.

Sonic Riders Hover Race

With hoverboards actually existing at this point, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before people get around to them. If people can be successful on something like skateboards, I think they can be successful on hoverboards.

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As someone with zero coordination, I know I couldn’t do it, but I know a lot of average people with great skills. Maybe as long as people can’t literally beat each other’s rings, the sport could probably take off around the world. Let’s leave the chaos emeralds at home.

2 Pokemon Battle – Pokemon

Could people thrive in Pokemon Battling if it was a real thing? Yes. Should these same people grasp the fact that they cause sentient beings to fight against each other for people’s amusement? Absolutely.

It sure wouldn’t be right, but we could probably make it work. The only people capable of causing adorable creatures to hurt themselves should be devoid of any empathy or guilt, so while it would probably never happen, the average person could probably do well, as no sporting prowess is required .

1 Super Frisbee Pong – Windjammers 2

OK, wait, listen to me here. I’ve seen some amazing things from people playing frisbee at high levels. I absolutely think we could see some Windjammers arcade style action from some of the best players in the world.

Spice things up by giving people access to special items on the pitch and two average people could have a hilarious frisbee battle for the entertainment of millions. With enough time and money invested, Frisbee might just become the most popular sport in the world.

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