10 cheesy video games that deserve remakes

Lately, more and more fan favorite video games have been remade and brought back into the limelight, such as Ultimate sonic colors and Demon souls. These remakes allow new generations of gamers to experience some beloved gems in a way that meets today’s modern standards, making games as entertaining as the originals, improving graphics, adding new features, improving accessibility, etc.

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Most of the remakes are treated with great care and stay true to the originals, even giving some games a second chance. Countless adorable games have been remade and relived over the years, but some of the most memorable and cheesy ones have yet to get the treatment they deserve. These games deserve a remake because of their popularity, their memorable stories, their need for improvements, and their tasteful, questionable, and enduring uniqueness.

ten Link: Faces of Evil

Binding the faces of evil

This unusual Zelda game begins in peaceful Hyrule when a bored and impatient Link is greeted by a wizard named Gwonom on a flying carpet. Gwonom flies Link to the island of Koridai, where Ganon has taken over using the Faces Of Evil, which Link must conquer to defeat Ganon and free Koridai.

This game deserves a remake, because its plot alone would have been amazing without some laughable fantasy tropes. Poorly animated cutscenes, poor voice overs, and terrible (insensitive and slow) controls accompany the story, making the gameplay hilarious and memorable for all the wrong reasons. A remake could update animations, acting, and controls for a healthier and more enjoyable experience.

9 Sound heroes

What is the best Sonic game - Sonic Heroes Logo

Fast-paced gameplay and charming story help make Sound heroes a memorable entry into the Sonic franchise. The player must switch between iconic characters with unique abilities to progress and ultimately defeat Dr. Eggman.

Unfortunately, the game’s tedious controls (which were frustrating and unorthodox) and the camera (which was overly sensitive and extremely difficult to control) often made it difficult to enjoy. A remake would be great as it fixes the issues that make gamers worse, making it a more enjoyable experience. With the fanbase constantly divided over the Sonic games, this remake would bring together returning gamers and new players alike, as a remastered version with improved graphics, voices, controls, and a camera would allow fans to truly enjoy this charming. entry into the Sonic series.


8 Um Jammer Lammy

Um Jammer Lammy

A spin-off of the popular PaRappa La Rappa rhythm games, this fast-paced game focuses on guitarist Lammy and her journey to get to her band’s first gig on time. The player has to play 6 cheerful rhythm-based mini-games to beat the main game.

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It is the only game of PaRappa La Rappa series that has not been remastered, making it the perfect candidate for a remake. The fun and simplistic gameplay combined with a whimsical storyline makes this cheesy game very memorable among fans. A remake would allow young gamers to experience this joy on modern consoles, and with the improved quality it deserves.

seven Tom and Jerry in the war of the mustaches

Jerry hitting Tom on the head with a giant hammer on the cover of the video game Tom And Jerry In War Of The Whiskers

In classic Tom and Jerry style, the objective of this fighting game is to fight with a plethora of beloved characters in distinctive destructible 3D maps, featuring the same fun and over-the-top slapstick violence fans love. of the series, even earning its own tier lists.

Along with other cartoon fighting games like Nickelodeon Star Brawl and Multiversus on the rise, now is the perfect time to The mustache war return. Its comedic and unique fighting style paired with destructive maps would be great to see remastered on modern consoles, and tons of fun to play online with friends.

6 Shrek Super Slam (console version)

A screenshot from the game Shrek Super Slam

This melee combat game saw characters from the Shrek franchise fight in Shrek-themed arenas. The game has become cult, even developing a competitive player base.

Shrek Super Slam would be a great game to receive the remake treatment due to an everlasting fan base, who have designed mods that allow online tournaments to be played. A remake would give fans an updated character roster, better controls and move sets, and graphics up to today’s standards, upgrading and revamping the game without wasting the adorable cheese to fight with. the characters of Shrek. Additionally, a suitable online mode could be created to give returning fans and new fans an official battle location, a feature meant to put the game back in the spotlight.

5 Crazy Taxi

Sega Crazy Taxi 2000 game

Originally an arcade game, Crazy Taxi the main principle is simply to drive passengers in a taxi to their locations as quickly as possible and collect money. Although basic, this game has gathered an overwhelmingly positive fan base, and the game is generally enjoyed.

A remake of this fast-paced racing game is already in the works and would be great as it would open up the outrageously hectic world of Crazy Taxi many new players, and it would be a chaotic fun to play online, race with or against friends. Updated graphics, new missions and improved controls could help bring Crazy Taxi again in the public spotlight like many other retro games, shaking up the rather mundane racing genre.

4 Clouded skye

Darkened Skye Video Game Cover

This insanely weird game focuses on a young woman named Skye living in a fantasy world, who can perform magic using Skittles (yes, candy!). Skye must use these pins to defeat the Dark Lord, Necroth.

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While it has a ridiculously hilarious premise, the game is surprisingly entertaining and quite funny, holding the operation of a potentially fantastic game. A remake could bring out that potential, improving the criticized combat system while keeping the story creatively cheesy, allowing new players to experience the blissful joy of the game. It would easily stand out from the crowd and be praised more than ever. of the influx of foreign concepts into modern pop culture.

3 Gex: Enter the Gecko

Gex parodying the intro of James Bond on the cover of Gex Enter The Gecko

This platformer follows the main character, a TV-obsessed gecko, who must cross the media dimension to fight the series’ big bad, Rez. Gex constantly refers to the popular culture of the 1980s and 1990s, a feature that adds to the adorable nature of the game.

Gex was originally intended to be a mascot character alongside Sonic and Mario, but didn’t catch on, so a remake would allow newer generations of gamers to experience the Gex series in the same modern way we’re experiencing. Mario and Sonic games. Additionally, a remastered Gex game could delve into the rich pool of pop culture modern gamers crave, reaching new players and creating a fun gaming experience that matches modern games.

2 The Elder Scrolls IV – Forgetting

Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Arena

The fourth entry in the iconic Elder Scrolls series, Oversight was considered one of the most innovative games of its time, incorporating the Radiant AI system, which allowed more complex and fully expressed NPCs to make choices and behave in unique ways.

Oversight hasn’t aged well, with most fans seeing the game as comedic and cheesy due to its bad voice and weird NPCs, so a remake might help it earn the respect it deserves, as these features are now common among most modern games. A remake would also open up the game to new generations of gamers, who could experience the game as it was originally meant to be. Additionally, a remake would help make the Oversight to experience it a more serious, giving it a more serious tone as it was originally intended, with better voice acting, graphics, improved gameplay and NPCs, as well as other great Old scrolls Games.

1 Pepsiman

Pepsiman running down a street from the eponymous video game

Infamous for its irritating and repetitive theme song, Pepsiman is an action game starring the Japanese superhero mascot of Pepsi, where the player must simply dodge obstacles in Pepsi themed levels in a global quest to deliver a Pepsi.

Despite his cult, Pepsiman was only released in Japan and only on the original PlayStation, so a very limited number of people have played it. A remake would allow players around the world and on all platforms to finally experience this unusual but intriguing game. This bizarre piece of gaming history has to be experienced by the world, and a remake with updated visuals, easier controls, and more features would make this game even more enjoyable to play.

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